How to get to the Albino Village in Elden Ring and get the Knot Talisman

In Elden Ring, the Albino Village is a strange place filled with death and misery. Traveling to this location can be tedious for non-cartographic vision players, so collecting Liurnia Lake Map Fragments can prove useful. Bringing the trusty Spirit Ashes with you will also help make visiting easier, as there is a boss fight going on within the village boundaries.

How to get to the Albino Village in Elden Ring

The nearest Place of Grace where players can teleport is on the shores of Lake Lyurnia. Summon the Stream, as it travels much faster with it. Now continue galloping northwest, sticking to the cliff wall on the left.

A lot of enemies are scattered across the swamp, from where the players will start their journey to the Albino village. To make the journey less tiring, simply ignore them and dodge their attacks. When the swamp becomes muddy, a slope leading up should appear nearby. Climbing up it, you will find yourself in the village.

The first sign that the players have entered the Village is a lot of corpses hanging from wooden poles. This is the entrance to the Albino Village. Walk forward until the Stream comes across a white ghost praying in front of the well. Ignore it and go around it to illuminate the Place of Grace. Now you can freely explore the village without fear of dying.

Brief walkthrough of the Albino village

Defeat the Perfumer mini-boss

Proceeding further into the village, you must defeat a mini-boss. After defeating him, two paths will open:

  • Bridge on the left;
  • Path behind the hut.

Follow the path behind the hut and keep moving forward until you hear a whimpering sound. However, if players try to find the source of the noise, they won’t find anyone nearby.

This is because the NPC is actually disguised as a large pot. Hit the pot and a whimpering peasant will appear. Talk to them and they will ask you to take the secret medallion of the Erd Tree (on the right) and give it to Latenna.

Defeat another Village Boss – Omen Slayer

After picking up the medallion, turn back and cross the bridge to the other side. There you will meet the Omen Slayer. This is a pretty easy fight, especially since Spirit Dust can be summoned in this boss. After defeating the Omenslayer, you will be rewarded with 4,900 runes and a Knot Talisman.

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