How to get to Storm Veil Castle in Elden Ring

Legacy Dungeons are very important areas in Elden Ring. In these dungeons, there is a huge chance to find and fight with the lord, just like in the castle of Storm Veil. It has a lot of difficult enemies and bosses, as well as useful items. Players should not underestimate this castle, but on the contrary, try to prepare for everything that may come their way.

To make this dungeon easier, you must upgrade your weapons. They will also meet some helpful NPCs to help them on their journey through Elden Ring. But first, players will need to find a way to get inside Thunder Veil Castle.

How to get to Storm Veil Castle in Elden Ring

Thunder Veil Castle can be accessed after you defeat Margit, the Dread Omen. After defeating him, Lost Grace will appear.

If the players decide to rest, Melina will appear and take you to the Round Table Fortress. When you’re done exploring the Stronghold, open the map and quickly travel to the Place of Lost Grace. From there, go through the open large door and continue up the stairs. You will find another Place of Lost Grace. In front of him is a huge closed castle door, and to the right of it is a room.

Upon entering the room, the tainted will see an NPC calling for them to come closer. Approach him and he will start talking. The NPC will tell you that they shouldn’t go through the main gate as it is filled with soldiers. Instead, he will advise them to go through a hole in the wall so they can explore the castle unnoticed. Here, the stained are given two options: “Very well” and “No, I’ll use the main gate.”

Unless you feel strong, they should not choose the second option. The NPC will warn them again and then tell the guards to open the gate. As soon as players pass through the main gate, a rain of arrows will begin to rain down on them, which will instantly kill them. The Corrupted may be able to get three items lying on the ground after a few attempts.

Therefore, the best option would be to agree with the NPC and go through the secret entrance. After exiting the large hole in the wall, turn right and jump onto the wall.

Now stick to that broken wall and keep going up/forward. Eventually, players will have to turn left, where the terrain changes from wall to dirt. Follow this path until the Tainted have to jump over a stone wall.

Moving forward, you will see a bird with swords on its paws, which is waiting for the players in ambush. Kill her and go right.

A few steps ahead, players will find the Place of Lost Grace. Once illuminated, it will be visible on the Elden Ring map and you will be able to enter the Thunder Veil Castle.

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