How to get to Mount Gelmir and Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

After defeating Rennala and reaching the Altus Plateau, your next stop in Elden Ring is Volcano Manor, located on Mount Gelmir. The road there is treacherous, and many dangers lie in wait for you. Here’s our guide to help you get to Mount Gelmir and Volcano Manor, as well as how to defeat the Shooting Star Beast.

How to get to Mount Gelmir and Volcano Estates

There are several ways to get to Mount Gelmir and Volcano Manor in Elden Ring if you come from the Altus Plateau:

  • If you have already explored part of the Altus Plateau, then you have probably found the Place of Grace. This location is close to where you’ll find the Wormface and the puzzle. There is a portal on the bridge that will take you to the northern part of the Altus Plateau. Just follow the road to the southwest until you reach another bridge connecting two rocks. This is the Place of Grace;
  • Alternatively, if you are still in the Erdtree pasture, you can follow the wooded ravine to the north. Here you can find a Scarab from Ashes of War: Bloodblade. In the end, you should discover a couple of spirit sources that allow the Stream to rise to a greater height. The bridge connecting the rocks will be very close (as shown in the picture below).
  • There is also a completely different path that you can take across the river to the west of the ruins. However, as far as I can tell, it only leads to Fort Lyedd and the western part of the region. I haven’t yet seen the path that leads up the mountain to the Manor of Volcanoes.

In any case, suppose you choose one of the first two options. Put a mark on the Bridge of Lawlessness and move on. Several things can be found here:

  • Anastasia, the Devourer: As you approach the burning village, a hostile NPC will invade you. After defeating her, you will receive a tool for burning fingers and a weapon – a carving knife;
  • Spell “Golden Oath”: found in the hut;
  • Sword Key: On the bridge at the end of the path.

You’ll notice that there doesn’t seem to be a way to Volcano Manor from here. However, if you return to the Grace Bridge, you will see a very high staircase (as shown in the picture above).

Climb it up, get famous! and check in at the campfire of the First Camp of Mount Gelmir.

Now you will find yourself in a wasteland filled with all sorts of mobs and loot:

  • Not far from the slope of the cliff there is a Blacksmith’s Stone [6] and other precious items;
  • The ladder in this area has a Bullet Bow on top;
  • The dungeon is located in the southwest if you go along the clearing;
  • If you cross the sloping rock ledge to the opposite side, you will find a grafted offspring. You can shoot him from a distance, so don’t worry. Behind it is a staircase.

Climbing this staircase leads to, you guessed it, even bigger stairs. Eventually, you will see a bridge with a Place of Grace. This is the camp of the Ninth Mountain Gelmir. Next to it there is a source of spirits and another staircase.

Climb to the top and get ready for a boss fight.

How to Defeat the Adult Shooting Star Beast

This boss is a cross between a bull, a scorpion and a boulder. In addition to wild, sweeping attacks, he has the following abilities:

  • Throw: He will lunge at you diagonally, almost zigzag across the arena, and then return to the opposite location;
  • Crystal Shot: Three crystal formations erupt from the ground. The first two are easy to avoid, but the third has a wider reach so you need to be quick. Ideally you should be riding Torrent, but he will die if he gets hit by this ability;
  • Bull Laser: When below 50% health, the boss will fire a stream of lasers in a frontal cone. It will attempt to target your last position and then slowly turn around in a horizontal plane, so just move to the side and pray you don’t get hit by accident.

After defeating the boss, you will receive a Blacksmith Stone [6]Dark Smithing Stone [5] and Jaw of the Carrion Beast (colossal weapon).

From here, look for a rock jutting out. You will be able to jump down to another cliff leading to the plain below. This is the entrance to the estate of volcanoes, where there is a Place of Grace.

But there are other things we can find too:

  • On the wide plains further from Volcano Manor you will find the Golden Seed;
  • Next to him is an invisible scarab. Hit him when he approaches you to get War Ashes;
  • Follow the road west and then south to find the Mount Gelmir map stele, after which you will be attacked by a large mob “Spider Hands”. Give him the finger and get a blacksmith’s stone of gloom;
  • A little further on is Grace Road;
  • If you continue along the cliff, you will reach the Small Tree of Erd, guarded by the boss.

Either way, you are free to explore Mount Gelmir and Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. If you enter the estate itself, you will be given a choice that will allow you to take part in the invader missions against other NPCs.

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