How to get to Lenne Tower in Elden Ring

Lenne Tower is a tower in Elden Ring located in the northeast of the Starry Wastes. You can discover this place by following the path leading south from the Sanctuary of the Beasts. After crossing a small stone bridge, you will enter the tower and its Place of Grace. In addition, on the descent near the tower of Lenne, you can farm runes efficiently using a rolling ball trap.

Where to find Lenne Tower in Elden Ring

The fastest way to get to Lenne Tower is to use the hidden Departure Gate behind the Third Marika Shrine in the Graveyard. Interact with the portal to teleport to the entrance to the Sanctuary of the Beast. From here head south to the Great Bridge. Take the southeast path on the left and head down the hill covered in poison traps. Several militia enemies will patrol the road along the way. Cross the small stone footbridge and you will find yourself at the Lenné tower. Keep in mind that if you cross this bridge at night, you will encounter the Night Rider. Those who defeat this field boss will receive the Ashes of War “Step of the Bloodhound”.

After arriving at Lenne Tower, you will notice that the tower is sealed with a magical barrier. This barrier cannot be broken, but it can be bypassed by entering the building through the two possible entrances on the upper levels.

How to get to Lenne Tower in Elden Ring

The first way to get to Lenne Tower is to use the Spirit Spring in the forest near the tower to jump over to the path near the stairs on the left side. You can use Flux’s double jump for a more accurate landing. On the other hand, players can land on the sloped roof on the right and slide down to the balcony. You can also land directly on the balcony, but this feat can be difficult due to the lack of visibility due to the trees.

After players successfully “jump” onto Lenne’s rise, they will be able to reach the top and find a chest containing a Memory Stone. As a result, you will get an additional memory slot to place your equipped spells and enchantments. Apart from this valuable key item, Lenne’s tower has nothing to offer you except for the Arcane Face Sphere, which is located in the sealed tower entrance room.

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