How to get to Knoxtella, the eternal city in Elden Ring

Knoxtella, the Eternal City is one of the optional regions in Elden Ring. Many players may want to know how to open it as this zone is rich in valuable resources and rare items. Technically speaking, Noxtella is part of the Ansel Spring, an underground region similar to the Siofra River Spring. Moreover, like Nokron or Siofra, Noxtella is fenced off from the Ansel River Spring and becomes available only after you complete the storyline of a certain NPC.

How to open Noxtella, the eternal city

In order to open Noxtella, the eternal city in Elden Ring, you must talk to the witch Ranni, an NPC who gives you a spirit summoning bell and lives in Ranni’s tower. This tower is located in the northwest of Liurnia, in the part of the map that can be accessed through Kariya Manor. To complete Kariya Manor, you need to defeat Loretta, the dungeon boss in the manor. After that, you will be able to enter the top of the hill where Ranni’s tower is located.

Ranni’s Tower is to the west of the Three Sisters and is guarded by Adul, the Glitterstone Dragon. Keep in mind that adventurers don’t have to fight a dragon to meet a witch. Climb the tower and offer Ranny a service, after which she will instruct you to find Nokron’s hidden treasure – the Fingerslayer Blade. After that, a magical barrier will surround Ranny’s tower and will only disappear after you talk to military adviser Iji, Blyde, and Seluvis. If Blyde isn’t there, you can talk to Idgie and Seluvis. Return to Ranny to complete the dialogue chain and dispel the barrier outside.

How to get to Noxtella

Nokron, the Eternal City, is accessed through the Fallen Star Crater south of the Misty Forest. This entrance will appear after you defeat Radan, the Starbane in the Starry Wastes. After entering the city and past the False Tear, travel to the Ancestral Forest in the north and complete the platform challenge to reach the Sacred Ground of Night, where the Fingerslayer Blade can be found. Return the item to Ranny to receive the Inverted Carian Statue.

Then reload the area and head to Rennie’s Tower northeast of Rannie’s Tower. Climb to the top to find an active Gate. Use the portal to travel to the Ansel River Spring. From here, the player must go south through the ruins of Ul’s palace, and then west through a tunnel with giant ants. After getting out of the cave, you will find yourself in Noxtelle, the eternal city.

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