How to get to Khelona Tower in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Chelona’s Rise is a location that players will be able to access after progressing significantly through the Ranni questline. Like many other towers in the game, the entrance to this tower is initially blocked by a seal, and in order to open it, players must find three large wise beasts. In this guide, we will detail exactly where these large ghost turtles are and help players access the Khelona Tower in Elden Ring.

How to get to Khelona Tower

However, before showing these locations, it’s important to mention that players have reportedly encountered a bug that prevents them from seeing some great wise beasts. Fans experiencing this issue are advised to return to the tome near the Khelona Tower and interact with it several times so that the instruction “Look for the three great wise beasts” appears repeatedly. These players are also advised not to fast travel or rest in Elden Ring’s Place of Grace until they have unlocked the tower.

Find the three great wise beasts

First turtle

Starting at the tower, head southwest until you reach the edge of a nearby cliff. The first turtle is at the edge of the cliff, and the players must hit it with an attack of their choice.

Second turtle

Now head east until they come to the location marked on the map above. This position is on the edge of a cliff and players must look down and to the left to see the second turtle. Again, if the turtle is not there, players should return to the tower monument, interact with it repeatedly, and return to that location.

third turtle

To find the last turtle, summon the Stream and travel to the northwest and find the Spirit Spring at the location marked on the map. Players waiting at this location will eventually see a ghostly turtle flying overhead, and will be able to use the spring to hit it. If desired, the beast can be destroyed by attacking from a distance.

Khelona Tower Rewards

After searching for these three turtles, you may find that the seal that prevented the entrance to the Khelona Tower has disappeared, and now you can go inside. At the top of the tower you will find a chest containing Ranni’s Dark Moon. This powerful sorcery launches a “cold, dark moon” at enemies, and many players will be happy to add it to their arsenal of spells.

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