How to get to Forest Falls in Forza Horizon 5

In the Hot Wheels add-on for Forza Horizon 5, Forest Falls, featuring lush forests, seething waterfalls, and towering overhangs, is one of three new biomes. There are four notable landmarks in this biome: Cloud Forest, Hydra’s Rift, Hydra’s Revenge, and Forgotten Gorge. Naturally, these sights are only part of the Forest Falls map, which hosts various events, races and other tests for drivers to pass. However, before players can take part in the zone’s exciting activities in Forza Horizon 5, they must figure out how to get there.

First, before entering Forest Falls in Forza Horizon 5, players must own the Hot Wheels DLC. Xbox or PC Game Pass members who have already played the game will need to purchase the expansion separately as it is not part of their subscription benefits. After purchasing Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, fans should make sure the game is up to date with the latest patch before entering the Mexico map. Hot Wheels Park is a huge region floating in the sky. Therefore, players cannot enter this area normally, but must reach a map marker similar to the event located between Caldera and Guanajuato.

After arriving at the Hot Wheels DLC icon, a scene will appear in which the protagonist is driving up a ramp leading up through the clouds to the Hot Wheels park in Forza Horizon 5. During this game segment, players will be able to drive their car, but will not be able to deviate from the track, until they reach the Hot Wheels outpost in the Nexus Hub. However, they will be able to see all three of the expansion’s new biomes, including Forest Falls.

How to unlock Forest Falls in Forza Horizon 5

After completing the initial training in Hot Wheels, the main character will be able to independently reach the Forest Falls. To get to this forest area in Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, follow the north track that branches off from the Nexus. After driving through several airways, the player must reach Forest Falls in less than a minute.

Listed below are some of the main activities that are available at Forest Falls:

  • Main DLC Quest: Hot Wheels Pro Qualification – “Surf”;
  • Two speed events: Canyon’s Edge Speed ​​Sprint and Waterslide Speedway;
  • Two hazard racing events: Forest Falls Perils and Forest Gorge Perils;
  • 9 experience stands for detection along the tracks;
  • 7 balloons to search on the map.

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