How to get through Midtown without getting caught by the Guardians in Stray and get the achievement “Slycat”

In Stray, Sneakcat is an achievement that also ranks as one of the less accessible achievements in the game, due in part to its vague description. Thankfully, while the sudden focus on stealth in the second half of the game may not appeal to some players, getting past Sentinel drones in the city center isn’t all that difficult once players learn their schemes. In fact, compared to the bold, Zurka-infested gloves found in previous Stray titles, sneaking through the Neco Corp factory should feel like a walk in the park.

How to get the “Slycat” trophy

To get the “Slycat” achievement, players must walk through the entire Neco Corp factory area and return to and out of Clementine’s apartment without being spotted by the Guardian drones at all.

As difficult as it may sound, all the drones in this location are either completely stationary or moving in very predictable patterns. It’s worth noting that while the Guardian drones are in various alert states – blue means they’re completely inactive, yellow means they’ve spotted the player and are actively searching, and red means they’re ready to open fire – the player can’t alert them.

If the drone goes off, it’s not the end of the world: players are allowed to reload from a previous checkpoint if they are spotted. However, some players are reporting issues with this trophy. If it doesn’t open after the second exit from Clementine’s apartment, there is a chance it will open after restarting from the last checkpoint and re-sallying out of the apartment complex. If all else fails, you can replay the chapter through the main menu.

Here are some tips that can help players get this trophy:

  • Guardian drones are not very smart; their movements are always predictable and they cannot see beyond their blue cones of vision
  • While this is very rarely necessary, players can jump into crates to avoid detection.
  • The meow will alert the drones. There is no need to do this, so it is better to suppress the instinct in this part of the game
  • Drones will not follow players into the atomic battery room and will not enter Clementine’s apartment
  • If the achievement is not unlocked shortly after crossing the police line enclosing an apartment complex in Midtown, players should immediately reload from the previous checkpoint.

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