How to get the Summit Heart in Tower of Fantasy

It’s undeniable that Tower of Fantasy has a plethora of different upgrade materials. You have materials to upgrade vehicles, armor and weapons. In addition, there are materials for improving weapons. Summit Hearts are one of the materials needed to upgrade weapons in Tower of Fantasy. Unfortunately, this material is not easy to find and may take some time to obtain.

Summit Hearts are a rarer version of Stone Crystals. You probably got a lot of Stone Crystals as it is easy to get throughout the game. The Stone Crystal can be put to good use, as it can be fused together to create the Heart of the Summit. To do this, go to the backpack menu and select Stone Crystal in the materials section.

On the right side of the information page of the Stone Crystal, you will notice the “Fuse” tab. Select the “Fuse” option to open the fuse menu. In this menu, you can choose how many Stone Crystals you want to get rid of to make Summit Hearts. It takes four Rokkors to craft one Summit Heart. After selecting the desired amount, press the “Fuse” button to complete the process.

Summit Hearts can also be obtained in the game, but they come across rarely. Some of the enemies that drop Pinnacle Hearts are Behemoths. The locations of the hippos are marked on the map above. It may take a while before you start dropping Pinnacle Hearts, but Behemoths drop more often than other enemies we’ve seen.

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