How to get the striped fanny pack in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This weekend’s event in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gives players the chance to unlock the Striped Belt Pouch for free through gameplay. Fall Guys is known for its events that tie into other games, but they also have simple weekend events for in-game cosmetics. This week’s event is for in-game cosmetics that don’t require a store purchase.

This week’s event is called Summer Squads. Like previous events, it includes a special playlist and a new set of in-game tasks. Players will receive rewards by completing tasks in this special playlist. The final reward for completing all quests is the Striped Belt Pouch.

The new playlist in the Fall Guys Summer Squads event is Squad Celebration. This playlist consists of several rounds of team games with a squad of four. There will be four squads in total, and in each round one squad will be eliminated.

Complete quests for the Striped Bumbag costume in Fall Guys

There are a total of six in-game quests in Fall Guys, each costing 100 ice cream cones. The six in-game quests are listed below:

  • Possess a tail for 15 seconds in Party Feast: 0/15
  • Stay in the air for 60 seconds in any show: 0/60
  • Reach the final round in Party Feast: 0/6
  • Qualify in Team Round in Any Show: 0/1
  • Qualify in the first round of Squad Celebration: 0/3
  • Win a Squad Party: 0/3

Two of these challenges can be completed on any playlist, not just the Squad Party. Since most of the games available in the Squad Party do not involve being in the air, players may need to select “Personal Show” to easily complete this challenge. To complete the full list of challenges, players need to play at least six shows from the Fall Guys Squad Celebration playlist. However, these shows are short as they consist of only three timed rounds.

For each challenge completed, the player receives 100 Ice Cream Cones, which can be used to unlock the following cosmetic items:

  • Fun in the sun! Nickname: unlocked by getting 100 ice cream cones
  • 200 kudō: Unlocked by earning 200 ice cream cones
  • Nameplate “Summer Squads”: Unlocked by obtaining 400 ice cream cones
  • Citrus Splash Pattern: Opened for 500 Ice Cream Cones
  • Striped Fanny Pack Outfit: Unlocked by earning 600 Ice Cream Cones

Players do not need to be in a party to complete these quests. Even when playing alone, the player will be paired with up to three other team members. Players will have until July 26 to complete all challenges and unlock the Striped Bag costume in Fall Boys.

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