How to get the scythe in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Scythe is a weapon that has slightly more range and AOE than a traditional sword or dagger.

Those looking for a weapon that is versatile enough for agility and strength in the early game can try the Scythe, a slender weapon with long range and solid AoE damage thanks to its agility and sweeping strikes.

For those who know where to go, the scythe can be obtained fairly easily, but it’s quite a long journey from the Elden Ring “starting area”. Players wishing to go on a long journey for weapons can use the following guide to get to the catacombs under the cliff.

Where to find the scythe in Elden Ring

The scythe is located in the Cliffbottom Catacombs in Lake Liurnia. This vast area is north of Thunder Veil Castle and Graveyard. The easiest way to get there is from the Place of Grace at the rocks, located north of the meeting with Godric Hundred Hands. From there, players can head northeast to another Place of Grace. The cliff catacombs are located northeast of this Place of Grace, directly east of the ruins.

After making their way into the Catacombs under the cliff, players will find the Place of Grace and a long staircase leading down to a lever and an elevator. Players should be careful when using this elevator, as there are no walls to avoid falling down. Once at the bottom, players will need to continue down the corridors until they come to a large room with a staircase going down and a statue in the distance. The scythe is in the room right behind the statue, but players will have to go a long way to get to it.

Upon entering the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and continuing down it, players will end up in a room with stairs. To get to the spit, they need to climb the stairs and go to the right, enter another corridor and continue through the rooms until they are near the statue they saw at the very beginning. There is a group of imps in a nearby room that will quickly overwhelm the player if they are not careful, and there is a scythe on the body lying in the center of the room.

What does a scythe do?

The Scythe is a agility and strength weapon with quite a long range and high AOE potential thanks to sweeping and fast spinning slashes. She is able to inflict “Bleed” on enemies, causing a burst of damage when enough stacks are reached. It requires 14 Strength and 14 Dexterity, as well as the Spin Kick skill to use. This skill costs 6 mana and can be reused immediately in succession to “lengthen” the number of attacks. It allows players to perform a long-range spinning slash attack that can deal significant damage if used correctly.

Overall, the scythe is a solid agility weapon for players looking for something with long range and AOE capability. It’s available fairly early for players willing to run to its location, and thankfully isn’t locked behind a boss or enemy. The scythe can be easily obtained by simply running past anything, making it a great weapon in the early game.

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