How to get the “No Thank You” achievement in The Quarry

The Quarry is the latest cinematic game that sees a group of camp counselors trying to survive the night against a monstrous threat. However, finishers and aspiring players have found that one trophy seems out of reach thanks to a nasty bug in the game’s code.

The Quarry has a story character that appears between chapters named Eliza, who is required to get the No Thanks trophy. The description requires players to simply refuse Elise’s help by choosing the “Move On” option at the end of each chapter, but numerous attempts to use this method have been unsuccessful.

Why the achievement “Thank you, no need” is unattainable

It is believed that a bug in the game’s code requires the player to select the “Move on” option 11 times during the course of the game when prompted to do so. However, despite the fact that there are 11 chapters in the game, including the prologue, the maximum number of encounters with Eliza is 10. Therefore, players cannot get this achievement in the normal way.

After numerous community attempts and patch discussions, one player submitted his apparently successful method to PSNProfiles, which other players have tried. Luckily, the process seems to have been successful as more and more players get the trophy in this way rather than by chance.

The Quarry community has figured out what the game logs each time the player selects an event trigger at the end of each chapter. So this trigger can be duplicated when using a certain exploit, and if done right, the trophy/achievement can be unlocked at the end of chapter 5 or 6.

Thank you, no need trophy and how to get it

Bypass method

First, in order to trigger a special clue at all, players need to collect at least one tarot card in each chapter. These tarot cards are used by Eliza to predict the future; if during the chapter you do not collect a single card, then this possibility completely disappears.

Skipping a tarot card doesn’t mean you’ll have to start over, but it’s better to be safe, as the chances are limited. Specific tarot cards that can be difficult to find are mentioned below in the Troubleshooting section.

At the end of the prologue and each chapter, Elise will read the definition of a tarot card with some of the implied meanings. At the end, she will ask the player if they want to see more or move on; select the “Move on” option. When this happens, The Quarry will automatically save after the player makes a choice, allowing them to take advantage of the situation.

Immediately after selecting the “Move on” option, the player needs to exit the game and return to the main screen on consoles or turn off the game completely on PC. The save icon sometimes appears in disc versions of The Quarry, but not all versions have this feature, so there won’t always be a visual accompaniment. After closing and reopening the game, select the same save file.

If all these actions were performed correctly, the same scene in which Eliza talks about the choice should be reproduced. This is counted as a secondary trigger by the game and actually duplicates the player’s refusal to help.

In turn, completing the chapter will allow you to get two event triggers instead of one, so by the sixth chapter you can get the necessary 11 triggers.

Troubleshooting gameplay

Due to the difficulty of this achievement, fans of completing the game will most likely want to try it out right away. However, before they try to get the trophy, they better prepare. The Hard Pass trophy still requires The Quarry with all its unmissable cutscenes and character-specific moments.

Players have confirmed that this method works for disc and digital users, but a small group of determined players are still reporting a few bugs. This workaround seems to be a legitimate way to unlock the achievement, but it may not be 100% reliable.

Also, there is a missing tarot card in Chapter 2 if Abigail and Nick chose to go through Shady Glade instead of Rocky Road. The branching narrative in The Quarry prevents both paths from being explored, and the only tarot card in Chapter 2 is on the path through the Rocky Road.

Luckily, this is the only trophy that players have reported crashes upon getting. All of The Quarry’s other achievements can be challenging, but can be earned fairly, making the game an interesting completion bonus that encourages players to keep exploring new story options.

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