How to get the Last Girl achievement in The Quarry

In The Quarry, the “Last Girl” achievement can be obtained by making Caitlin the only survivor at the end of the game. There are many opportunities to kill the rest of the playable characters, but in order for Caitlin to stay alive, certain decisions must be made already in the first chapter. Some of the Hacketts will die as a result of making the necessary decisions, but you don’t have to kill all of them to get the achievement as it only affects playable characters.

In order for Caitlyn to become the only survivor at the end of the game, players will have to actively try to kill the other advisors. Players can cause everyone to die in The Quarry if they fail quick time events or intentionally choose the worst options available. Killing the other playable characters will be fairly easy, but keeping Caitlin alive will require a bit more work and careful planning. Caitlyn’s survival will depend on the decisions made throughout the game, starting from the first chapter.

While some characters can be killed early in the game, others will have to survive with Caitlin until later chapters to keep her alive. For example, if Ryan doesn’t live to kill Chris Hackett, then players won’t get the option to kill Max at the start of Chapter 10. In order to get the “Last Girl” achievement in The Quarry, players will have to make a lot of specific decisions in order to achieve the desired result.

How to keep Caitlin alive and kill everyone else in The Quarry

Chapter first

Abi must break open the door, then pick up the teddy bear to the right of the door and keep it for herself.

Chapter Four

When Ryan hears sounds coming from the bushes, players must choose to fire the pistol, then persist, then fire the pistol again to kill Jacob. In this chapter, it is also possible to kill Emma if you immediately open the hatch after you enter the tree house. Players should be aware that if Emma first inspects the bags, then opening the hatch will not kill her.

Chapter Five

In order to keep Caitlin alive, it’s important that players successfully handle the quick time events for her in chapter five. Caitlin also needs to hold her breath between quick time events.

Chapter six

When Nick starts acting weird, Abi will try to help him, but he will throw her across the room. Then Abi will have the opportunity to grab a gun and shoot Nick. However, by doing nothing, Abi will be killed by Nick, so not shooting is the right option.

Chapter Seven

When Laura first gets the chance to explore the police station, players should just stay in the cell and go to sleep. The next morning, when Travis speaks to Laura, the players should be demanding and shoot Travis. This will result in Travis killing Laura in The Quarry.

Chapter Eight

When Ryan and Laura come across several cells, players will have to make several choices. It is important that Ryan and Laura decide not to open the cage. Also, when Laura takes aim, Ryan should let her fire instead of stopping her.

Chapter Nine

In the ninth chapter, Dylan and Caitlin will find themselves in a landfill. Dylan must warn Caitlin and signal to keep her alive, but he must fail the Fast Time event and die. If players miss this opportunity, Dylan can still be killed in Chapter 10, forcing Caitlin to wait instead of running when he finds a vantage point. Playing as Ryan in the ninth chapter, players will need to shoot the werewolf who falls through the floor of the attic, and then fail the fast time event.

Chapter Ten

While Ryan shoots the werewolf in Chapter 9, Max can be killed in The Quarry. Once the first choice appears, players must select the “sail to shore” option. When Max starts to swim, a werewolf will jump out of the water and kill him. In order to keep Caitlin alive in Chapter 10, players need to interact with the doll in the kitchen or her death is inevitable. Toward the end of the chapter, Caitlin will not need to run, but go to the freezer. By opening the freezer, she can use the doll as bait to lure the werewolf and lock him inside. Once the freezer is locked, Caitlin will escape as the only survivor of The Quarry and the “Last Girl” achievement will be unlocked.

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