how to get the key and get into the academy

Players arriving in Lake Liurnia in Elden Ring will need to visit its grand academy, which rises above the mist and haze in the heart of the region. The magic academy is protected by a defensive barrier, but it can only be broken through with the Magic Key of the Academy. This guide will help players find the key and get past the barrier.

Entering Rayu Lukary’s academy is required to complete the main story, and it serves as the second Legacy dungeon in the game.

How to get to Raya Lucaria Academy

Finding the Academy Key

The first indication of what players will need to enter the academy is given by a sorcerer named Tops at the Temple of Iryth, located along the path north of Thunder Veil Castle, in the vicinity of Lake Liurnia. After completing the dialogue with him, he will inform the player that the barrier can be passed with the Magic Key of the Academy, and will ask the player to give him such a key when they finish their business, if they can.

Heading towards the Academy, passing through the city, the player will find himself at one of the Gates of the Academy. A dead sorcerer nearby is holding a map with a meeting point, and the description of the item indicates that the dead sorcerer was most likely looking for the Magic Key of the academy. The map shows a small island in the swamp to the west of the gate.

Take the key and return to the Academy

The island in question can be seen on the map above, south of the site of the Four Bells of Grace, but traveling to it will reveal a second obstacle. The Dragon is sleeping right in front of the key, so players who do not want to engage in a difficult fight with the boss will have to crouch and sneak around him.

Don’t panic, when the Dragon wakes up, it will just start moving a short distance to the south, and then turn around and return to its place. Players will have enough time to collect the key and other treasures and escape before the dragon returns.

Players who decide to take on the dragon must prepare for a long and dangerous battle, as the Dragon moves quickly and strikes with great force using its claws and fire attacks.

Finding a Second Key

With the key in hand, the player is able to enter Raya Lukaria’s Academy, but Tops still doesn’t have his key. To get the second key, you need to get to the roofs of the Academy from the courtyard, and then go through them to the church with a cuckoo ceiling. Players will then be able to land on a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, where a second key can be found. Alas, Tops will be found dead next to the place of grace in the classroom.

This tragedy allows the player to obtain the Staff of the Academy, as well as the Bell Orb (an item that unlocks all the items he sold in the Round Table Fortress).

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