How to get the Imp Head in Elden Ring

The Imp’s Head is a heavy helmet in Elden Ring that has decent defensive properties, but its main attraction will be its unique design and the +2 Wisdom buff it gives. The Imp’s Head previously gave +5 Intelligence during the original release of the game, but has been reduced to the current +2 in a recent update. However, the helmet’s protection and solid wisdom gain for sorcerers still makes the head of the Imp a viable option for a helmet.

Where to find the Imp Head Helmet

The only way to get the head of the Imp is to exterminate the Imps. These elusive creatures usually dwell in underground tombs throughout the world, especially in the Undergravel. Defeating these creatures grants the player the opportunity to obtain a Fork Axe, Smithing Stone, or Helm. Unfortunately, the helmet drops relatively infrequently, so getting it from these slippery creatures will not be easy.

There are several places on the map where you can get the head of the Bes. The most accessible place in the early game is the catacombs under the rock, located northwest of the Temple of Elle. Another location is the Besaler Catacombs, located on the northeast side of the Weeping Peninsula, south of the Graveyard. Also, once you enter Liurnia of the Lake, you can find even more Imps in the catacombs under the cliff. This crypt is located along the path to Liurnia off the southern coast of the region.

Chances are you’ll find many more underground tombs infested with Imps. Therefore, players are advised to choose the place where you prefer to hunt and start mining the head of the Imp. Although the drop rate of the helmet is largely dependent on the RNG, the Corrupted can turn the drop rate of the helmet in their favor by snacking before harvesting the Pickled Bird’s Foot.

Pickled Bird’s Foot is a rare consumable that can be found in the Interearth or crafted after finding Missionary’s Handbook [3]. This book can be found in the Searing Temple, a landmark located near the eastern border of the Graveyard and the Starry Wastes. While it’s recommended that you enter the Starry Wastes after reaching level 60 or higher, it’s possible to ride the Stream without too much trouble and quickly grab the recipe book without hostile encounters. In addition, after cooking a few Silver Pickled Bird Legs, players will greatly increase their chances of getting an Imp Head in Elden Ring.

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