How to get the Etherium Crown in Skyrim and what it does

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Aetherial Crown has one of the most powerful passive abilities, but players need to complete this long inter-Skyrim quest to get it for themselves. The branching questline gives players the choice between several items at the end, but most consider the Aetherial Crown to be the most powerful of the three options.

Stats and effects of the Aetherial crown

  • Type: Helmet;
  • Rating: No;
  • Gold cost: 2.250;
  • Enhanced with: Dwarven Nugget, no additional perks required (does not increase armor rating);
  • Special Effects: Allows players to have two Standing Stone buffs at the same time.

The Aetherial Crown is a golden circlet with three aquamarine-colored Ethereum shards set into its center and sides. While it doesn’t have an armor rating, it can be tempered with a Dwarven Nugget without special blacksmithing perks, although this only increases its gold value – and it’s unlikely to be sold by any players.

Its special effect is that it retains the effect of the Standing Stone and grants the player its power when worn. When the player equips the crown and selects a standing stone, it is bound to the compass and stacks with the player’s normal standing stone abilities. This allows you to create a number of useful combinations, such as “Lover” and “Mage / Thief / Warrior”, which provide a 35% increase in their respective skills.

How to get the ethereal crown

The Aetherial Crown can be obtained at the end of the Lost To The Ages quest, which can be started at level 16 by reading a book called Aetherial Wars. Players can also travel directly to one of the locations associated with this quest: Arkngthamz south of Markarth, Raldbthar west of Windhelm, Waterdeep Crossing southwest of Solitude, or Dwarf Storage near Mzulft. After starting the quest, players will need to find four Aetherial Shards in each of these locations, which can take quite a bit of time.

After that, head to Bthalft south of Ivarstead to collect all the pieces together. Pass through the tower rising from the ground and find the Ethereum Forge just behind the centurion named Forgemaster. After defeating him, players can choose from three items that can be crafted at the forge. The staff summons a Dwarven Spider or Orb, and the Shield turns enemies incorporeal on impact, but the Crown is considered the best choice due to its powerful passive ability that can be used in almost any build.

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