How to get Star Navigation rewards in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy with the Star Navigation event. This event is quite unique compared to others you will encounter in the game. Here’s how you can advance in it and earn rewards.

Star navigation is a small event that happens every time you create a new character on the server. To find it, you can open the rewards window in the upper right corner of the screen after unlocking, and then click on “Rookie Event” at the bottom. You will see the screen below, which will have dozens of small tasks for you to complete.

As you complete each task, come back here and earn points for meeting its standards, and gradually you will accumulate enough points to start earning rewards. When you have enough points, click on the “Reward Points” button in the lower right corner of the screen to receive rewards, see your progress and understand how close you are to the next level of rewards.

It is important to note that in this event you are essentially on a timer. It lasts only 21 days after character creation. There are various rewards for all tiers of the event, including Gold, Golden Cores, Matrix Data Packs, and Elemental Ore Shard Boxes, but perhaps the biggest reward is the SSR Weapon Box, which you will receive when you reach 700 points in the event. If you’ve come far enough to get this, we’d say you’ve successfully completed the task.

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