How to get soda water in Tower of Fantasy

There is no shortage of ingredients in Tower of Fantasy. These pieces of food and drink are needed to prepare various dishes and meals in many cooking places in the game in order to heal yourself and get various bonuses. One of the ingredients needed to make some of these dishes is sparkling water. This is where you can find soda water in Tower of Fantasy.

Carbonated water is the ingredient you will most likely need to buy for your recipes. Fortunately, it is very cheap and it is very easy to find a seller. Food vendors sell sparkling water for 40 gold each, with a maximum of 99 per day. You can buy it from Mrs. Taylor in Astra near the first ruins you hit in the game, or from Harriet at Bangs Dock if you need a direct location. They are always in this place and the ingredient is always available along with salad dressing, onions, rice and milk.

Soda water, which is so easily available every day, is on the lower end of the ingredients list in Tower of Fantasy. However, it can be combined with higher grade ingredients to make great dishes like Strawberry Soda, Sweet Pomegranate Juice, Thundercloud Blueberry Soda, and more.

If you really feel like it, you can overfill yourself with sparkling water to stock up for the future at any of the grocery stores. This can save you some time when crafting recipes if you already have one of the game’s smaller ingredients in your inventory, allowing you to focus on finding other, more significant ingredients in the world.

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