How to get roulette tickets in Gran Turismo 7 and what they are for

In Gran Turismo 7, you can get a decent amount of roulette tickets without having to spend real money. They become available at the very beginning of the game and are acquired at a fairly constant pace as you progress through the campaign mode. A little later, players will even be able to get some rare roulette tickets, which, as you might expect, bring much more rewards.

How to get roulette tickets in Gran Turismo 7

There are two main ways to earn Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7, the first of which is by completing a daily workout. To do this, players need to drive a total of 26,219 miles in one day and be rewarded with a 1-star roulette ticket. However, this is actually a glorified daily quest reward, so players will only be able to complete it once every 24 hours.

For a more consistent number of roulette tickets, players can fill out Luca’s menu books at the Gran Turismo CafĂ©. Typically, they are small tasks in which players need to win races or collect certain cars. Unfortunately, not all menu books give players roulette tickets, and license and race-related tasks usually unlock new tracks and courses.

How does roulette work in Gran Turismo 7?

Initially, players will only be able to receive 1-Star Roulette Tickets, which they find in the Gifts section of their garage. There will always be one car, one set of manufacturer-specific tuning parts, and three credit prizes (2,000, 5,000 and 10,000). The prize will be selected automatically, so players can only sit and cross their fingers as they watch and wait for the game to pick a prize.

As players progress through the more difficult menu books, players will soon start receiving 2 and 3 star roulette tickets. The former work in the same way as 1-star tickets, although the number of credits players can win increases. 3-Star Tickets, on the other hand, replace one of the cash stacks with another set of tuning parts, as well as another big boost to the number of credits offered. Considering how easy it is to earn credits in Gran Turismo 7, winning them with a silver or gold roulette ticket can seem like a slap in the face.

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