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In Elden Ring, the Cerulean Seed Talisman is very useful for sorcerers, spellcasters, and other mages. If you haven’t found many Sacred Tears that increase the power of your flasks, the Caerul Seed Talisman will be especially useful.

About the Azure Seed Talisman

  • “Once the Tree of Erd was perfect and eternal, so it was believed that the seed did not exist.”

The Azure Seed Talisman increases the amount of Spellcraft points recovered when using your Flask of Azure Tears. The maximum amount of mana is not increased, only the amount that can be restored in one drink from the Flask of Azure Tears. This does not affect the Flask of Noble Potion, even if it has a Crystalline Tear mana restoring applied to it.

Another way to increase the number of flasks that you restore is to find Sacred Tears in the Inter-Earth (usually in the temples of Marika) and strengthen your flasks all over the map in the Place of Lost Grace. However, this can take a long time, so in the early game it’s better not to use this item until you have enough Sacred Tears.

Azure Seed Talisman

The Azure Seed Talisman can be found fairly early on in Elden Ring, though it requires going through one of the hardest early game areas: the Carian Reading Room. You can get to this area by turning right after defeating Godric and leaving Thunder Veil Castle, or by taking the secret path between Graveyard and Lake Liurnia to avoid the fight with Godric. The Carian Reading Room is located at the bottom of Liurnia’s Sacred Tower and is easily visible from the surrounding cliffs leading to Liurnia and Stormveil Castle.

The inside of the building is richly decorated, but don’t look around too long or you’ll get shot by the Invader NPC defending the training room. Take the elevator upstairs, and then don’t stop until you reach the second elevator, which leads to the upper levels of the Carian Reading Room. Search the second floor for a ladder that leads to the rafters above. The talisman with azure seeds can be found on the body on these rafters – just beware of rats and spellcasters!

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