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In Elden Ring, the Winged Sword Insignia is one of the best available talismans you can find. It is especially useful for those who attack quickly. Thus, the Winged Sword Emblem becomes an ideal choice for fast and prudent players. Being such a powerful item, acquiring this talisman takes a lot of time and effort. But even in this case, its acquisition justifies itself, since the Winged Sword Emblem is an effective tool for quickly reducing the enemy’s health.

Where to get the Winged Sword Emblem Talisman

The Winged Sword Emblem talisman can be found in the Lakeside Rocks dungeon in Lake Liurnia. Players can reach this cave on foot or on horseback by heading northwest from Thunder Veil Castle. After some time, they will come across a cliff side, at the foot of which is the dungeon “Rocks from the side of the lake.” You only need to go down, carefully overcoming the slopes leading down. Then you must go through the dungeon.

The Lakeside Rocks dungeon contains a variety of enemies and dangers, many of which use poison that can be mitigated or cured with appropriate remedies. You must reach the end of the cave, where they will find Pure Rot Knight, an optional boss with unmatched speed and accuracy. Defeating the Knight of Pure Rot is a breeze as the fight is going strictly in his favor. The swiftness of this sub-boss, combined with the poisonous environment, makes the fight difficult. By summoning strong spirits and avoiding prolonged exposure to the poison, you should be able to deal with Pure Rot Knight with less difficulty. Defeating this additional boss will reward you with the Winged Sword Emblem Talisman and 3,300 Runes in addition.

What does the mascot “Emblem with a winged sword”

  • “The wings symbolize Malenia and her unwavering will. The cursed rot had eaten away at her flesh since birth, but the punishing sword of the warrior invariably shone with bewitching beauty.

Winged Sword Emblem Talisman increases attack power on subsequent hits. Thus, each subsequent hit deals more damage, making each hit even more damaging. The effect of the Winged Sword Emblem Talisman is beneficial for those who prefer to deal a flurry of blows rather than rare but devastating attacks. Although any character can use this talisman, those types and classes that use high agility and stamina will find it most useful in almost any situation.

Players who prefer these stats can better wield nimble weapons that allow for quick and less costly attacks. With the Winged Sword Emblem talisman, this weapon’s moderate damage capabilities become equivalent to a strength-based weapon. Thus, players gain the ability to unleash a flurry of fast attacks with catastrophic force. This dangerous combination is only achievable with this talisman, making it an extremely powerful item.

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