how to get it and what does it do

In Elden Ring, the Godskin Prayerbook can be found in Storm Veil Castle, but not anywhere else players would normally stumble upon it. It unlocks two of the most powerful spells in the early and mid game, and it’s worth upgrading your skills to be able to get them if you plan on using Faith offensively.

How to get the Divine Skin Prayer Book

To find the Prayerbook of the Divine Skin, head to the Place of Grace “Elevator’s Room” right in front of the swordbird wall surrounded by explosive barrels. Exit the room and look to the right of the Birds to see a rooftop. It seems far away, but you can reach it with a sprint jump – if you fail, there is a Place of Grace there to try again. Once you’re on the roof, turn left and look down for a place to drop down. The fall to the ground is too high to survive, so look for a place in the middle of the path to fall before dropping back into the courtyard.

If you come down from the roof, you will see a ladder leading down into the Foggy Wall – if you want to avoid this parkour section, you can go through the courtyard in the normal way, but there are some very strong enemies here (especially for low level players). Use the Sword Key on the Imp statue here and get ready to take on a handful of rats. Behind these rats are two chests: one contains the Divine Skin Prayer Book, and the other contains the Seal of the Godslayer, a useful catalyst for black flame spells.

What is the Divine Skin Prayer Book for?

The Divine Skin Prayer Book is related to black flame magic, as stated in the item’s description, something that players will have to learn about in Elden Ring on their own. As this description might suggest, the Divine Skin Prayerbook unlocks two dark spells:

  • Black Flame and Black Flame Blade.

Black Flame is a spell that deals more damage and lingers on hit enemies, dealing ticking damage for a few seconds after the first hit. Blade of Black Flame imbues your equipped weapon with the power of Black Flame for a few seconds.

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