How to get feathers in Fortnite and what they are for

Fortnite is almost constantly adding new content for players, ranging from gameplay mechanics to LTMs, POIs, and more. This is especially true when it comes to in-game items, one of which was added very recently: Feathers.

In the first season of a new chapter 3, which introduced a new island and an ever-growing list of new items. With the v19.20 update which adds the new Feathers item along with several other major new items.

How to get feathers in Fortnite

Fortnite has added feathers as a final item to the game, but some players may be confused as to where to find them, let alone what they are for. The feathers are used to unlock a variety of masks for Haven, one of this season’s Battle Pass skins that was locked until the latest update. Feathers can be found in chests anywhere on the island, meaning players will accumulate them naturally the more matches they play. Feathers in Fortnite serve as the currency for Haven’s masks, but each mask has an additional requirement that players should be aware of.

How to get Haven masks in Fortnite

In order for Fortnite players to be able to get the Haven masks, they will need not only to have enough feathers, but also to complete a quest related to a specific type of mask. For example, fishing unlocks cat masks, foraging unlocks deer masks, sliding unlocks owl masks, etc. There are dozens of masks to unlock in the game, but most of the tasks are relatively easy, which means players won’t have to spend hours hunting for them. Haven’s mask acquisition system shares some similarities with the previous season’s Battle Pass system with Tuna Fish.

In addition to the Feathers, the Fortnite 19.20 update adds an updated Heavy Shotgun and a new POI, Hidden Cave, which houses the mythical Stinger SMG. However, the matter is not limited to new content this week. The character, in a chromatic outfit and with a golden skull-like disco ball, has multiple styles: a more stealthy style with a mask and hood, and one that fully shows off his shiny skull. The accompanying reactive back band should prove popular, it works like a decibel meter when a character expresses their emotions.

While there is unfortunately no shortcut in the game to unlock all of the Hewen masks, experienced players should have no problem unlocking the ones they like. However, Feathers may become more difficult to collect in the future, as a new leak suggests that a massive tank vehicle will be coming to Fortnite.

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