How to get Clay in Farthest Frontier

Clay is an important resource in Farthest Frontier that players will use in various projects. Finding clay isn’t always easy, though, and it’s important for fans to scout early in the game to make sure this resource actually appears on their maps. These players also need to know how to mine clay in Farthest Frontier after they find it, and this guide contains full details of the process.

How to mine clay

The first step to getting clay in Farthest Frontier is to find a deposit. As noted earlier, players should look for these deposits immediately after loading the map, and they are indicated by icons that show a piece of brown material. If fans of city building games can’t find clay deposits during preliminary searches, they can start a new game to avoid problems during the game.

After discovering a clay deposit, players of the survival game must build a clay pit on it. These buildings can be built once the city center reaches level 2 and the wagon store is created. To be completely clear, upgrading the town center to level 2 requires wood, wood planks, and stone, while building a wagon shop requires wood planks and stones. While these materials are not particularly difficult to obtain, it still takes some effort to meet the conditions for creating a clay pit.

As for the actual placement of the Clay Pit in the Far Border, it’s a very simple matter. Indeed, this building only requires some wood and wood planks to build, and the mesh underneath will be green if it is located above the mine. Conversely, this grid will be red if the clay pit is not in a suitable location, indicating that players in the strategy game will need to find a new location for the building before it can be laid.

After creating a clay pit, indie game players can start creating crafts with the clay it collects. More specifically, fans can use the clay to create things like hospitals and schools. In addition, players will be able to turn clay into bricks once they create a brick yard. This building can be built once the fan town center is upgraded to level 3, and the bricks it produces can be used to create a marketplace, a cheese factory, and more.

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