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The Eye of the Oath is one of two new weapons announced in the upcoming 2.5 update for Genshin Impact Cherry Blossom. The Seashell Catalyst will be a 4-star weapon that can be obtained through a new in-game event also included in the update.

Another weapon is the five-star Kagura Truth, which should bring a lot of joy and delight to the owners of the catalyst. But in this guide, we’ll be focusing on the Eye of the Oath, including how to get it, weapon stats and abilities, ascension materials, and more.

What is the Eye of Oath in Genshin Impact?

The Eye of the Oath is a 4-star Catalyst whose origins are shrouded in some mystery. However, he is believed to be related to Encanomia. While we can expect to learn more about this weapon in Update 2.5, the developers have provided some insight into its unique abilities and history.

The official in-game description of the game tells how this weapon became the pride and glory of the Anakanomiya or Byakuyakoku.

It reads: “A relic of the Byakuyakoku that was kept in Dainichi Mikoshi. After the arrival of the serpent god, she became proof of the great oath and aspirations of Enkanomiya.”

Eye of the Oath Catalyst Stats and Abilities

  • Rarity: 4 stars;
  • Power Attacks: 44-565;
  • Crete. damage: 6% – 27.6%.

Eye of the Oath is a 4-star Catalyst that grants base attack damage and critical damage at level 1. However, when you reach level 90, both stats increase significantly: base attack power is 565, and crit. damage – 27.6%.

The People of the Shimmering Deeps catalyst passive ability increases the energy recharge after using an elemental skill by 24% for 10 seconds. Understanding the essence of the passive is quite simple; however, when using a weapon, the passive’s damage is not increased.

Naturally, thanks to “Weapon Enhancement”, which enhances the passive ability of the weapon, the energy recharge will increase the damage of the elemental skill by 48% for 10 seconds. Weapon stats remain unchanged at level 90.

As with the Kagura Truth Catalyst, Yae Miko would be a great character to equip this weapon as her Elemental Skills and Explosion consume a lot of energy. On the other hand, many feel that it would be best for Kokomi, who will make the most of the weapon along with her passive.

Ascension Materials for the Eye of the Oath

This lists the Ascension Materials required to fully Ascend the Eye of the Oath.

Elevation levels 2 and 3

  • 5,000 must;
  • 3 coral branches of the outer seas;
  • 3 hidden claws;
  • 2 ghost shells.

Elevation level 4

  • 15,000 must;
  • 3 precious branches of the outer seas;
  • 12 hidden claws;
  • 8 ghost shell.

Ascension level 5

  • 20,000 must;
  • 6 precious branches of the outer seas;
  • 6 hidden sharpened claw;
  • 6 ghost heart.

Elevation level 6

  • 30,000 must;
  • 3 jade branches of the outer seas;
  • 12 hidden sharpened claws;
  • 9 ghost heart.

Elevation level 7

  • 35,000 must;
  • 6 jade branches of the outer seas;
  • 9 hidden devil’s claw;
  • 6 ghost core.

Elevation level 8

  • 45,000 must;
  • 4 golden branches of the outer seas;
  • 18 hidden devil claw;
  • 12 ghost core.

How to get the Eye of Oath in Genshin Impact

The Eye of the Oath is an exclusive reward that Travelers can receive in the upcoming Tri-Worlds Gate Offering event.

In addition, they will receive a variety of rewards by completing the event, including upgrade materials for Catalyst Weapons.

Travelers can start mining Ascension Materials for the 4-Star Catalyst before it arrives in Patch 2.5 on February 16, 2022.

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