How to get and use magic in Demon’s Souls

In Demon’s Souls, you will find yourself in the world of Boletaria, a land shrouded in fog, which has fallen upon the scourge of soul-devouring monsters. To defeat these monsters, kill the Old One, and take Monumental’s place, the Demon Slayer can use Soul Art to heal himself and hurt everything that stands in his way. In this guide, players will learn how to get their hands on sorcery and miracles, as well as how to use them.

How to get magic in Demon’s Souls

Magic in Demon’s Souls is divided into two distinct branches – sorcery and miracles. Affliction focuses mainly on offensive spells such as Fireball and Soul Beam, which deal fire and magic damage respectively.

While there are also defensive spells in sorcery like Cloak and Protection, the best defensive spells can be obtained by investing in miracles that offer useful healing spells and even the ability to revive yourself after taking lethal damage, Sekiro style.

Arcane Spells mostly increase with the specialization of the Magic skill, so players looking to get more powerful offensive spells will benefit greatly from increasing it. Miracle users will want to focus on investing in Faith, as this skill increases the effectiveness of all miracles.

As always, be sure to invest enough souls in Vitality and Intelligence to get the most out of your spells and prevent your mana from draining.

Players embarking on a journey through Demon’s Souls for the first time will be prompted to select a class at the start of the game. While most classes are viable for magic users, and players can always change skill points later in the game, there is one clear choice for players who want to focus their development on the soul arts.

The royal class starts with 13 magic points and 12 faith points, making this class the most versatile when it comes to magic; in addition, the royals start with all the necessary tools for sorcery and start with a fairly powerful Soul Arrow spell. On the other hand, for players who specialize more in healing miracles, Priest and Temple Knight are good alternatives.

Both arcane and wondrous spells can be obtained primarily by purchasing them from vendors in the Nexus. Two spell merchants are available from the start; The Disciple of God can be found behind the arched rocks on the left side of the Nexus (on the right if the player is in Destruction Mode).

It sells basic wonders if the player has at least 10 Faith points. Directly opposite, on the other side of the Nexus, is Freke’s Apprentice, who sells basic spells to players when the player reaches 10 Magic points.

Note: It is worth noting that not all spells can be purchased in one playthrough of the game, as many spells require the sale of boss souls to obtain them.

In order to get more spells, players must find certain NPCs scattered throughout the game world. Perhaps the easiest way from the very beginning to get to the sage Frek, who can be found in the Prison of Hope in the Tower of Latria.

This is a difficult place where there are strong enemies that are resistant to magic (but not to fire). Before heading to this location, players should defeat the Tower Knight in the Boletarian Palace and reach around level 25. After being released from his cell, Frek will appear next to his apprentice and sell the player some higher-level sorcery spells in exchange for souls.

Saint Urbain can also be saved fairly early in the Shrine of the Storm, in the area after the Adjudicator boss fight. Once released, he spawns next to God’s Disciple in the Nexus, and players can purchase high-level wonders from him.

Finally, Yuria the Witch can be saved after the player defeats their first archdemon by clearing FromSoftware’s trademark foggy wall that is blocking further progress into the Boletarian Palace. To save her, you need to search and dress a little, and after liberation, she can be found in a corner near Freke and his student.

How to use magic

Once obtained, Affliction can only be used if it is equipped and the player has a Talisman or Catalyst in their possession. To equip sorcery, visit Freke, his apprentice, or Yuria and talk to them by selecting “Remember Spell”; to equip more sorcery, players must invest enough points in the magic skill to unlock more memory slots.

To equip Miracles, visit Urbain or Apprentice and select “Remember Prayer”; to get more wonder slots, don’t forget to invest a few points in Intelligence.

As discussed above, the royal family class starts with the tools needed for sorcery. This includes a spellcasting catalyst, which the player must have in either hand for spells to work.

A basic wooden catalyst can be found on the Path of the Overlord, on top of the first tower along the burnt dragon. Similarly, in order to cast a Miracle, players must have a Talisman with them; Talisman of God can be found to the right of the first misty door encountered in the Shrine of Storms.

Perhaps the most useful Talisman in the game is the Beast Talisman, which allows players to cast Miracles and Sorcery without having to switch between Catalysts and Talismans. It can be obtained by completing the Mephistopheles quest, which requires freeing Yurt, the Silent Chief, from the Tower of Latria and gaining a pure black temperament affinity. Otherwise, the player can obtain it by defeating the black ghost Scirvir, which only appears after obtaining the Pure Black World Affinity in the Stonefang Tunnel.

With spells, catalysts, or talismans equipped in hand, and after investing enough Magicka, Intelligence, and Faith points to use them, players are ready to cast spells and cast them for as long as they have Focus points.

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