How to get and use dark crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Dark Crystals are one of the currencies in Tower of Fantasy, used to purchase a small range of items from the in-game store. More specifically, Wanderers can use dark crystals to acquire gold, golden cores, red cores, and a personality upgrade card. Gold is used to purchase various items or fund various progress related activities such as Upgrade or Ascension for weapons.

Gold and red cores are used for the gacha system in Tower of Fantasy. The Golden Core is used to purchase Special Orders for the Golden Core, and the Red Core is required to order limited order weapons. Both are in the Dark Crystals shop ×150. The last item is a Personality Upgrade Card, which is used to change the username of the Wanderer’s avatar, the service costs Dark Crystals ×300. When players understand what items they can acquire with Dark Crystals.

The Tower of Fantasy offers wanderers many ways to obtain dark crystals throughout their journey. The most basic ways to get dark crystals are through the main story, completing quests, exploring the open world, and completing in-game achievements. These sources are usually a one-time reward and are passively provided to fans as they progress through the game.

On the other hand, Tower of Fantasy has several renewable methods of obtaining Dark Crystals that require players to actively complete a specific task or participate in a specific system. Thanks to the creator of YouTube Gateoo, fans can find out what these methods are:

  • Wanderers can earn a small amount of Dark Crystals by earning a 7-day login reward;
  • Another small amount of dark crystals can be earned by completing certain tasks or reaching certain milestones in the list of weekly activities;
  • Those who are part of the crew can earn income in the form of dark crystals depending on the rank of the crew member;
  • Completing Crew Missions also yields a small amount of Dark Crystals;
  • Participation in PvP rewards players with dark crystals based on their performance;
  • The Battle Pass offers multiple batches of Dark Crystals as a reward.

Finally, Tower of Fantasy players can earn some free Dark Crystals by participating in online, streaming, or in-game events hosted by Perfect World. In addition, players are rewarded for their patience in the form of dark crystals when scheduled server maintenance occurs.

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