How to get and upgrade UV Flashlight in Dying Light 2 and use it

The UV Flashlight is one of the Night Runner tools you get in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. You will gain access to it during a mission called “Welcome Aboard”. Here is our guide to help you figure out UV flashlight upgrades and how to use this gadget effectively.

Dying Light 2 UV Flashlight Upgrade Guide

As mentioned earlier, the UV flashlight is given to you after talking to an NPC during the “Welcome Aboard” mission in Dying Light 2. Like the grappling hook, it must be equipped by looking in the “Accessories” tab. Then press “1” to cycle through the tools and press the middle mouse button to use it.

The Ultraviolet Flashlight, as the name suggests, uses ultraviolet light to stun and damage the undead. This is especially useful indoors or during night chases.

However, the battery of this gadget runs out quite quickly. This makes the standard version a bit unreliable. Therefore, in Dying Light 2, you will definitely need some upgrades for the UV flashlight. We’ve listed them below, and you can get them from the Artisan.

However, among the tools of the Night Runner, I would advise first of all to give preference to a paraglider. Later, you can decide which is better: an ultraviolet flashlight or a grappling hook. Don’t worry, as you’ll have enough military tech to fully upgrade all three of the Night Runner’s tools while you find those airdrops.

Enhance Level and Effect Cost

  • Increases the size of the cone and the battery life of the UV flashlight;
  • Maximum energy – 14 seconds;
  • Reload time – 14 seconds;
  • The size of the cone is medium.

2 military technologies and 1000 old world money

  • Adds a flash effect and increases the size of the cone of the UV flashlight;
  • Instead of a constant beam of light aimed at your opponents, you’ll make a UV flare in a cone AoE.

2 military technologies and 2000 old world money

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