How to get and cast spells in Elden Ring

The spells in Elden Ring are much more different than the wonders in previous FromSoftware games. Previously, faith-based spells were almost entirely limited to healing, buffing, and dealing damage to the undead. In Elden Ring, spells work in much the same way as in Dark Souls 3, but with even more variety.

The ability to cast spells not only increases the amount of self-healing available to the character, but also greatly expands your options in combat, exploration, and more. However, in order to be able to cast spells, the player must either choose a class capable of doing so, or advance far enough in the game to meet a spell merchant and acquire a Seal.

Some classes start with spells

There are two classes in Elden Ring that start the game with spell abilities, although their options are relatively limited. The Prophet starts with a Heal spell that heals the caster and nearby allies for a moderate amount of health, as well as Flame, which creates a rapid burst of fire at point-blank range.

The Confessor, in contrast, starts with a Flash Heal, which only heals the caster for a fairly small amount of health, and Assassin’s Approach, which dampens movement and reduces fall damage. Assassin’s Approach, the spell most obviously suited to the stealth style of play, is an example of how different spells are from Wonders in previous FromSoftware games.

Where to buy spells

In the Fortress of the Round Table

Once the player reaches the Round Table Fortress, a merchant will appear from which additional spells can be purchased. Brother Korhin can be found in the room with the Place of Lost Grace – look for an NPC that looks almost exactly like the default Prophet (including the wheel around his neck). Brother Korhin sells spells, but doesn’t sell seals.

To buy a basic Seal, look around the Round Table Keep until you find the decrepit figures of two women in a room on the side. Interacting with this statue will open a merchant screen offering basic weapons and items. Here you can also find a Ring Seal for 800 runes. In order to get into the Round Table Fortress, you must receive an invitation after a few hours of play if you have not defeated any major bosses.

How to cast spells in Elden Ring

Spells and witchcraft are performed in the same way, albeit with different tools. The spell user casts their spells through the Seal, which can be bought in the Round Table Hold if you don’t have your Seal or can’t find it. If you don’t already have them, buy some Spells from Brother Korkhin to assign them to the Place of Lost Grace.

The next time you rest in the Place of Lost Grace, select “Memorize Spell”, which will bring up a screen with the current memory slots and spells in your inventory. Set the spells you wish to cast here. Exit this menu, make sure you have Print, and click on the right mouse button (or How to get and cast spells in Elden Ring and or ) to cast the selected spell. The current selection can be found at the top of the item menu at the bottom left. To toggle the selected spell, simply press the up button on the D-pad to cycle through all memorized spells.

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