How to get a high score multiplier in Sifu

Death is common in Sifu as players explore between the Squats, the Club, the Museum, the Tower, and the Sanctuary. Each stage offers players a different challenge and set of enemies, and as a result, there are many hidden or implicit paths in Sifu.

However, there are advantages to staying put and taking out crowds of enemies that could otherwise be avoided. Successfully taking down enemies increases the score multiplier, but it’s hard to maintain or increase quickly if players get hit or die frequently. Instead, Sifu features a lesser-known mechanic that amplifies the amount of points players receive from each enemy they encounter and can instantly grant players a high multiplier before even hitting.

How to quickly increase the points multiplier in Sifu

If you want to instantly and effortlessly increase the score multiplier, they can simply taunt their opponents. Players can taunt enemies with cheeky animations and a voice line that increases their current score multiplier. Taunts, combined with defeated enemies, greatly increase the player’s Score, which is very useful if the player wants to acquire one of the three shrine statues found in the Scores tab. Stat-based boons include Structure Recovery, Focus Recovery, and Parry Strike.

For example, the Parry Strike increases the effect of the player’s Parry on the opponent’s structure score and can play a decisive role in the three-phase final showdown against Yang for the true Sifu ending. Otherwise, players may not consider points when choosing shrine figurine rewards if they choose to purchase bonds based on age or experience. However, in the game, age, points, and experience are fundamental to the core mechanics of the player, and it can be beneficial to play around with each of them to complete the game.

Taunts can be performed on PS4 and PS5 using the right D-pad button. On the keyboard and mouse, players use the 3 key. Taunt can be canceled at the dash, but this is not always safe. Taunts are safer to perform before the enemies have aggregated, and riskier to perform in the middle of a fight when the enemy can punish the player. But, like many of Sifu’s covert tactics, a well-timed taunt can bring significant benefits to the player and turn the tide of the game in the most difficult situations of the game if properly prepared.

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