How to get a full set of Blyde’s armor in Elden Ring and the Royal Two-Handed

Blyde is one of the many characters in Elden Ring that players can befriend and fight with. In addition, players have the opportunity to get his armor and the Royal Two-Handed. While narrative is kept to a minimum in Elden Ring in favor of exploration, there are several characters in the game to help the player on their adventure. Whether it’s shopkeepers providing items for the player’s inventory, or old relics telling of the lore of the land, there’s little in Elden Ring to help paint the big picture. In Blyde’s case, he is a half-wolf that can be found near the Misty Forest Ruins.

It’s important to note that collecting Blyde’s armor and the king’s sword is part of a larger storyline. The Royal Two-Handed is one of the best swords in Elden Ring. Those who want to get it will have to take part in Ranny’s quest. To start, the player will need to travel to Kariya Manor in Northern Liurnia and free it from Loretta. After the battle, the player will have access to three towers. Head to Ranni’s tower and talk to Ranni to start the quest.

How to get a full set of Blyde’s armor and his sword

In order to get Blyde’s armor and the Royal Two-Handed in Elden Ring, the player will need to complete Ranny’s quest up until the final mission. During this quest, you will need to return to Ranny’s tower, where you will find Blyde kneeling on the ground. If you approach him, a battle will begin in which the player will have to defeat him in order to take the armor and sword. While players can buckle up from the start and attack Blyde with a critical blow from behind, it won’t kill him. However, the battle will begin with his health already depleted.

Defeat Blyda

First of all, Blyde isn’t one of the hardest fights in the game if players choose the right pace to progress through the levels. He delivers a series of slashes that send him flying into the air. It is important to keep a decent distance in order to be able to read his attacks. Once he reveals his opening, do a jump attack to daze him for extra damage.

Alternatively, magic users in Elden Ring can simply keep their distance and throw projectiles to defeat him. Using magic to summon an ally will also make the fight much easier. Blyde tends to latch onto the AI ‚Äč‚Äčally rather than the player, leaving them open to attacks. Just take your time and slowly lower his health until he is defeated. Approach him and take his armor and the Royal two-hander. Although Blyde was a temporary ally, he had to go to the players to earn this equipment.

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