How to get 1000+ Light in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 has kicked off the new Season of the Worthy, and with it comes new content, new difficulty levels, and exotics. The level of equipment received has also increased. Consider what needs to be done to get 1000+ Light Power.


Go through normal and nightfall raids – the level of armor and weapons has been increased, now you can rise from 900 to 930 strength in just 1 hour. Nightfall strikes are preferred, as they can be used to obtain legendary items of a high level of light.

Reputation Award

Take and fulfill all possible contracts from game NPCs. It will not be difficult to take daily bounties from a gunsmith, complete them and get an excellent weapon as a reward for reputation. Same with the rest of the NPCs.

Weekly Challenges

Every week, Destiny introduces Blitz, Crucible, Gambit, Gambit Prime, and more. For each such challenge, you can get valuable rewards – powerful equipment of levels 1, 2 and super-powerful equipment for difficult tasks.


Upgrade seasonal levels and get rewards for each level. Upgrade modules, resources, armor and weapons – all this can be obtained as a reward for the season.


In Season of the Worthy, players will have access to a new storyline featuring Rasputin. Complete story missions and get new items as a reward. Also, during the season, the Banshee Gunsmith will issue quests to obtain powerful exotic weapons.

Difficulty levels

When you reach a certain level of light, increase the difficulty of the strikes – so you can knock out more powerful equipment. Some difficulties will not open immediately, but from a certain moment.

If you have additions or questions about how to quickly level up the level of light in Destiny 2, write in the comments.

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