How to fix a castle in V Rising and stop rotting

“Castle Heart Status: In Decay” is a notification in V Rising that no vampire likes. This message indicates that the player’s castle and buildings are in a state of degradation and will soon be completely destroyed if left alone. A visual sign of a castle’s decline is manifested as an alarming red glow pulsing across the surface of a particular structure. In addition, V Rising adventurers will receive a notification in the upper right corner of the screen, alerting them that their Castle is in dire need of repair and maintenance.

The castle is the central hub where V Rising players will constantly visit throughout their journey. This is the place where they will craft items, upgrade equipment, gather resources, and perform various other progress-related activities. Therefore, understanding how to deal with castle decline and maintain base repairs is critical to progressing through the game. Base maintenance is especially important for those playing on a PvP server, as the castle can be raided by hostile players or an opposing clan in V Rising.

Returning to the message “Castle Heart Status: In Decay”, the key word in this phrase is “Castle Heart”. In the main campaign, those who have completed the quest “Lord of the Shadows” will learn that the Heart of the Castle is the central vessel of the base, which gives strength. Constructed from Essence of Blood ×30 and Stone ×240, this foundational structure is literally the “heart” of the castle, providing power to all mechanisms and devices within it. Accordingly, just as the heart in real life needs blood to pump energy into the physical body, so the Heart of the Castle in V Rising needs Blood Essence to keep the base “alive” and prevent decay.

Managing castle destruction in V Rising

Thus, in order to rebuild their castle and stop the decline in V Rising, vampire adventurers need to place Blood Essence and its various forms in the slots of the Castle Heart. Each Heart slot can hold 250 Blood Essences in V Rising, which increases the life of the castle by approximately 2.5 hours per Blood Essence ×18. Players can view the remaining time before the start of the collapse in the “Castle Strength” window under the phrase “The castle is charged and fortified on.” In order to unlock more blood essence slots, vampires must upgrade the Castle Heart by providing the materials displayed at the top of the Heart menu.

With the exception of non-living mobs such as skeletons, blood essence can be obtained from any living creature in the world of V Rising. Players can further enhance their Castle Heart by using upgraded forms of Blood Essence, such as Greater Blood Essence. However, in order to obtain such higher level resources, it is necessary to kill certain carriers of V blood and complete the main tasks of V Rising. Additionally, if a blood essence is present in the heart of the castle, the walls and structures of the castle will automatically regenerate, meaning that players must focus solely on supplying blood to the heart in order to properly manage their base.

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