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In Elden Ring, Wandering Mausoleums are creatures made of stone and have four legs with a huge bell between them. At its top is a building in which lies a black corpse.

Some players might think that jumping on it from a higher place is the only way to get in, but thankfully that’s not the case. There is a much easier way to enter a building from above. It is very simple and can be used on all mausoleums throughout the Interearth. In our guide, we will tell you how to stop and enter the Wandering Mausoleum.

How to stop and enter the Wandering Mausoleum

When players find the Wandering Mausoleum, they should aim for the gray skulls on its legs. Keep in mind that walking is undesirable, as the mausoleum will attack in a jump, dealing a lot of damage. By calling a horse, you will greatly facilitate your task. You will have to jump between his legs and run as far as possible when he jumps.

There are a random number of gray skulls on each leg, so players will have to switch legs once they run out of stuff. After a while, the Wandering Mausoleum will begin to stagger, and then bend its knees and fall to the ground. Players should try not to stay under it, as the falling Mausoleum will crush players under its sheer weight.

Once the Wandering Mausoleum falls down, double-jump the Flux and climb to its top. You will then need to go around the building until a door appears.

At this point, players can let go of the horse and open the door to find a headless black corpse holding its arms up. After inspecting a corpse, you can now double any memory. However, you should remember that only one memory can be doubled in each mausoleum. After that, it cannot be used again.

Memories are items dropped by major bosses and demigods such as Godric the Hundred Hands. Usually, players can only use them to buy something from Enya in the Round Table Fortress. However, thanks to the Wandering Mausoleum, any memory can now be doubled and used again. This action can be performed even if the players have already used Flashback.

Where to find Wandering Mausoleums

To find the Wandering Mausoleum, you must use the bell between its legs. It will make a loud, coherent sound, so they just need to follow it until they reach it. Mausoleums are scattered throughout the Interearth, so with enough exploration, players will eventually stumble upon one of them. Here are some famous places:

with a bell

  • Beyond the grave: Weeping peninsula, western part. Roams the plain, near the fourth temple of Marika;
  • Lake Liurnia: To the right of the destroyed bridge that used to connect the eastern gate of Raya Lukaria with the highway. Between the places of grace “East Gate of Raya Lukaria” and “Crystal Tunnel of Raya Lukaria”.

Without a bell

  • Lake Liurnia: Two roam near the Place of Grace “The Ruined Labyrinth”, in the vicinity of the Small Tree of Erd.
  • Lake Liurnia: Two wander near the Place of Grace “Mausoleum Grounds”.

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