How to find Jizo figurines in Ghostwire: Tokyo

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, quickly finding Jizō statues is critical to Akito’s incorporeal weaving abilities as quickly as possible. Each time players encounter a Jizo Statue, they can quickly pray to it to receive a blessing that will permanently increase the overall power of one of the three Ethereal Weaves. There are red, green, and blue Jizo figurines representing Akito’s three elemental abilities, and each of them increases the corresponding color of ethereal weave.

No matter what skills or abilities are unlocked in Ghostwire: Tokyo, no upgrade provides the same benefit as Jizo figurines. Also, even though the statues are scattered all over Tokyo, there are certain areas delineated by shrines where Akito cannot find any. Since there are 30 wind statues, 15 water statues, and seven jizo fire statues in the game, it is important for players to know where to look for them, as well as how to find them quickly.

How to quickly search for Jizo figurines

First of all, in order to determine the presence or absence of Jizo statues in a given area, players need to clear the corresponding shrine. Once the shrine has been cleared, it will indicate what can be found in the designated area, including the number of items that need to be or have yet to be found. So, if the Jizo figurine is not listed on the shrine icon on the Ghostwire: Tokyo map, it’s time to move on to the next area. If there are Jizo Shrines in the area, players can take extra steps to find them faster.

With skills and offering boxes

After the shrine has been cleansed, look in the vicinity of the shrine for a white offering box. These boxes cost the same as Meika, but they show the exact location of the Jizo statues in this shrine. Players can also use the Spectral Vision ability to find offering boxes more easily, as they will be outlined like all other interactable items in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Unfortunately, boxes are not available at all shrines that have Jizo statues.

If the players can’t find the offering box, it’s best to use Spectral Vision throughout the Sanctuary. By quickly leveling up in Ghostwire: Tokyo, players can upgrade their Spectral Vision ability to cover a 50m radius around Akito. Jizo statues have several different appearances in the game, but they are the easiest to spot with the KK ability because they stand rigidly on the ground and often have a rounded top, or they are placed in a wooden shrine. Finally, a great sign that a Jizo statue may be nearby is the fact that several visitors are in close proximity to Akito’s vision.

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