How to find battlefield clues in Horizon: Forbidden West

Knowing where to look for the battlefield in the “Cradle of Echoes” quest in Horizon: Forbidden West is not entirely clear – after one of the members of Far Zenith is knocked down by some mysterious weapon that pierced their shield, Aloy can learn a lot about situations. But where to look? With so many clues and useful little things hidden on the battlefield, it’s easy to get lost or miss some of the ones you need to find. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on where to find the battlefield in Horizon: Forbidden West and the Cradle of Echoes quest.

Where to find the battlefield in the Cradle of Echoes quest in Horizon: Forbidden West

There are 4 clues that can be found on the battlefield in the Cradle of Echoes quest, to do this you need to use the focus to find foggy purple signals above key objects, then physically approach them and press the interact button when prompted. At this point, the clue is registered and you can move on to searching for the next one.

Finding all the hints is quite difficult – not all of them are visually obvious, and the purple haze blends quite well with the colors of the environment, so if you don’t know where to look, then the icons left by the Focus will most likely not stand out much.

All battlefield tooltips and interactable objects

Not counting Zenith’s corpse, there are a total of 4 clues on the battlefield. We have listed them here and also indicated where they can be found.

  • Charred Weapons: The smoking remains of a weapon used against Zenith on a ridge west of the corpse;
  • Corpse: Just behind the charred weapon, on the other side of the bush, lies the corpse of Oseram, which is another clue;
  • Specter: A giant mechanical horror that lies dead to the east of Zenith’s body. Approach it and get a hint for inspection;
  • Camping Equipment: This item is very easy to miss – a little further southwest of Oseram’s body and Charred Weapon, there is a bedding and blankets against the back wall of the cliff. They are partially hidden by foliage and rocks, but if you know where to look, finding them is not difficult.

Once all of this has been found, simply return to Erend to discuss your findings and progress on the quest. Of course, you may have a little difficulty getting to this place.

Glitch with the task “Examine the corpse of Zenith”

The battlefield aspect of the quest does not trigger until you examine Zenith’s corpse. For one of us, this caused a glitch that forced us to reload the checkpoint, since you do it not with Focus, but by pressing the triangle button when the contextual tooltip appears – something that did not happen before the game was restarted. If you can’t do this part, it’s probably just a glitch – restart the game from a checkpoint via the pause menu, give Erend some space while he talks and walks, then stand next to the body and hope the icon appears. Once that’s done, Aloy will comment on the situation for a bit, after which it’s time to search the battlefield for more clues as to what’s going on.

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