How to find and open the fire box in Sifu

While Sifu is primarily a brawler where you’ll have to focus on taking on an almost infinite number of enemies and five incredibly difficult bosses, that’s not all you’ll be doing as you progress through the game.

You will also try to complete the detective board of each level. While most of the points are fairly simple and require you to just look around a bit, some are more complex. One of the first items that will cause trouble is the casket of fire, which can be found in the “Club” level.

How to find the box of fire in Sifu

The first thing you’ll want to do is find the box of fire. Considering that the Club is the most difficult level in Sifu, this will be quite a challenge! About halfway through the Clubhouse, you’ll have to go through several challenges, which are essentially several rooms with enemies. After you defeat the staff enemy, you will need to run through the burning area to get to the last stage before the boss.

Running through this area, you will notice a small room that you can enter. Jump over the counter to find the Casket of Fire. You will be told that you cannot open it, which means that you need to find the appropriate fire key.

How to find the fire key in Sifu

This is where things get a little tricky. To start the quest, you need to get into the third mission of the game, “Museum”. You need to go up to the third floor of the museum and fight the staff-wielding enemy who is inspecting some of the exhibits. Defeat her and you will receive a new item on the detective board – a code.

As you may have guessed, this is a hint to return to the Club. The door you are looking for is to the left of the main scene, next to a door that two enemies constantly break through and try to attack you. Unlock the door with the code and you will be in a completely new area. Defeat all the enemies that are here to get the key of fire.

Now you need to return to the box of fire and open it with the key you received earlier. Inside you will find another item for the detective board – a photo of Sean’s father. Considering the steps you’ll have to take to get this item, it’s likely to be the last piece needed to complete the board.

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