How to find and kill Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5

Friedrich Kummler is an assassination target in Sniper Elite 5 that players must kill in the game’s second mission, Occupier’s Residence. Although, of course, it is possible to break into the castle with weapons at the ready, the main character is given a bonus task: “Break it with one of the castle’s chandeliers.” Upon completing this challenge, players will be rewarded with the Kar98k sniper rifle in Sniper Elite 5, a great weapon for taking down assassination targets from a long distance.

Finding and Eliminating Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5

The Occupier’s Residence in Sniper Elite 5 offers multiple ways to kill Friedrich Kummler with the Chateau chandelier. The path the protagonist chooses will naturally depend on his preferences or the current situation he has to adjust to. However, there are two recommended routes by which Sniper Elite 5 fans can be sure to succeed, both in killing Kummler and completing the side quest to unlock K98k. The first way is to get through the main entrance to the Chateau estate.

After stealthily sneaking through the castle entrance in the Occupied Residence, players should approach the vines that lead to the wall in the west corner. Once on the roof terrace, follow the path on the left to the stairs. Go down the steps and enter the doorway between two German plaques in Sniper Elite 5 that says “Balisaal im Umbau – DRAUBEN BLEIBEN”. Next, carefully enter the east wing of the estate and find Friedrich Kummler. He will be standing in the ballroom talking to one of his officers.

Wait until the German officer says the phrase: “Well, what to do with you, Becker …”. Once this happens, activate the switch on the right to make the chandelier in the ballroom fall on Friedrich Kummler, killing him instantly. However, some members of the Sniper Elite 5 community have noted that there is a bug in this feature that causes the mission task to remain incomplete if a lever was used in the kill. To solve this problem, shoot the chandelier to complete the bonus task.

Another way to kill Kummler in Sniper Elite 5 is to go through the tunnels of the estate’s underground wine cellar to get to the east wing of the castle. First, quietly crawl along the inner earth to the vines leading to the visible open window. Then carefully make your way through the window to get into the ballroom with Kummler. From here, make your way to the elevated platform on the right and wait for the aforementioned phrase from the German officer. Once the conversation is over, wait for Kummler to walk under the chandelier and shoot the ceiling chain to kill the target.

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