How to find a sibling in Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires focuses more on family than previous games in the series. Getting married and having a baby at the end of a campaign of conquest is the big attraction of the game and what gives the game infinite replay value.

However, you will notice that in the Family menu on the character screen, there are three slots labeled “Sworn Siblings”. This is reminiscent of the friendly relationship between Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Here’s how to create an unbreakable family bond in Conquest.

How to find a sibling

In order to become a sworn brother or sister to someone, you must reach the S rank in a relationship with him. To do this, you need to score 100 points, which is not an easy task. The best way to increase your Relationship Score with the person you want to be your sibling is to regularly hang out with them and make sure you fight the same battles.

Once you reach S-rank with an officer, you can either directly ask him to become your sibling, or wait for him to come to you with an offer. To do this, you must be on a walk. Be careful if an officer of the opposite sex approaches you with a proposal, it could be a marriage proposal – pay attention to the event to be sure of this.

Tip: You can make your parents your sworn siblings, but not your real siblings or other close family members, such as your siblings’ children.

If you are a Ruler, make sure you choose their offers during War Councils and choose their Secret Plan offers during battles. These choices will increase your score with them much faster than just interacting with them.

There are several benefits associated with having sworn siblings. First, they will maintain an S-level relationship no matter what you do. In addition, they will always be on your side – this means that they cannot retire, nor can they be scouted or bribed by another kingdom. If you decide to leave the kingdom, your sworn brothers and sisters will automatically join you.

However, please note that once the place of the Sworn Brother is taken, you will not be able to replace him with another officer. If your sibling dies in any way, such as being captured and executed in battle, this slot will be permanently useless.

Earning “Sworn Brother” for the first time will unlock the “Oath Under the Peach Trees” achievement, referring to the legendary pact between False Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei.

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