How to find a police ghoul in Vampire: The Masquerade

Galeb’s investigation into Jason Moore’s apartment in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong may lead to the discovery of a ghoul among the members of the Boston police, whose motives are mysterious and somewhat incomprehensible at first glance. In this guide, we will tell you how to find a ghoul and engage in a fight with him.

First clues

Players need to use Galeb’s Sense Invisible ability to detect the ghoul. This allows him to detect traces of supernatural beings on certain objects in the world and identify people who are not the people they appear to be.

Using this ability at the first prompt will reveal that there is a ghoul (or “guardian” as Galeb calls them) somewhere at the crime scene.

By continuing to search the top floor of the apartment, Galeb will be able to find traces of the presence of the ghoul on the documents of Jason Moore’s client and on several books scattered in one of the corridors upstairs.

Search for a ghoul in the police

At the end of the corridor, where books are scattered, stands the ghoul that Galeb found. A police officer named Dana Lahane claims to be working for the Camarilla council doing a “clean up”.

However, she insists that she is not the killer, and other clues players can find support this claim. At this point, Galeb can try to interrogate her about her mission.

Unfortunately, Dana flatly refuses to cooperate and this leads to a confrontation. Note that this confrontation can be avoided if Galeb has enough points in the Dominant, allowing him to coerce Dana into cooperation and in the process learn important information about Jar Drori (one of the missing members of the original).

Dana is hard to break, though even if the players fail the confrontation, she can be forced to hand over the document if they make a successful Dominance Skill check and then a Presence Skill when she calls another officer.

One way to significantly increase Galeb’s chances of overcoming Dana’s will is to get a potion that increases his power of dominance from the garbage in the parking lot before engaging in a conversation with Dana.

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