How to find a location by drawing in Genshin Impact: Static Landscapes Quest

In Genshin Impact, after Rana becomes ill from Marana’s exposure, players will need to help Aranara run a festival. Arana directs the protagonist to the village of Aranara – a place called Vanarana. Once the traveler manages to win the trust of the creature, many world quests will appear on the map. Most of them lead to the aranar, but one of them directs players to a mysterious mailbox.

The mailbox contains a picture of a familiar location, and players will receive a new quest on their quest list instructing them to travel to the location depicted in the picture. While it’s not difficult to find this location, it can be frustrating when the chest refuses to appear.

How to get to the place according to the drawing in the quest “Static Landscapes”

To navigate to the location shown in the picture, players need to use the “Dig” button in the correct location. To do this, teleport to the Statue of Seven in Vanaran. Right next to the statue, the “Dig” command will appear, indicating that the treasure is there.

Now, if players press “Dig” and the chest does not appear, it may be because the Traveler and Paimon are stuck inside Vanarana’s Dream. Paimon will say that maybe it’s because they are in Vanarana’s Dream. Therefore, if they return to reality, then the treasure must be there.

To return to the real world, players must travel to Silapna. It’s a stone with a mark on it and a green aura around it. When players find Silapna, stand in front of her and play the ancient lyre.

Playing this instrument demonstrates several notes that players can repeat on their lyre. Wait for the music to end and the Traveler and Paimon will be transported back to reality. Now that the players are back, teleport back to the Statue of Seven and dig for the treasure.

After excavating the treasure, players need to return to the Mysterious Mailbox. There, the traveler and Paimon will find more places to visit in the painting and new treasures to hunt. When players open their aranyaka, they will find all the new zones depicted in the picture, and the places where the treasures are hidden in each of them.

Each completed location will be marked in the Aranyac, indicating that the Static Landscapes quest is part of the Aranara quest. However, completing this part of Aranyaka is optional, as the festival only requires players to help Aranara, while the Static Landscapes quest does not directly involve forest creatures. However, every location in the painting leads to a Genshin Impact chest, so it’s worth finding them, especially for leveling up the Dream Tree.

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