How to fast travel in NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is a decent size in terms of explorable world. It has city ruins, a desert zone, an amusement park, an abandoned factory, and a forest zone, as well as various settlements such as a machine village and a resistance camp. The game has many side quests that can send the player from one end of the map to the other, and walking will make the game drag on.

For players who do not feel like walking from one zone to another, there is a fast travel. However, it is not available by default like in some other games. Players must unlock this ability. On the positive side, fast travel costs nothing and is easy to use once unlocked.

How to unlock NieR: Automata fast travel

To unlock fast travel, you must complete the fifth chapter of the game. It should appear organically if you follow the main plot of the game. Following the main plot, the player must find himself in an underground city and fight the boss there. After defeating the boss, exit the location, and this time there will be an NPC called the Jerk at the entrance. She will offer a teleporter component for 2B.

After talking to her and accepting the teleportation component, fast travel will be unlocked. However, fast travel has its limitations. The player can only fast travel through hotspots. At first, only options between the Bunker and the Resistance Camp will be available, but players can find other hotspots and interact with them to make them available.

How to use fast travel in NieR: Automata

Around NieR: Automata. There are 18 of them in total, and in large areas there are usually more than one. For example, there are three access points in a factory, and four in a desert zone. To use the hotspot, interact with it and select Transport. From there, a menu with locations will appear. After selecting a location, it will show available access points.

Remember that only those access points that have already been visited will appear in the “Transport” section. This means that fast travel only allows the player to visit places they have already been to. This is still very useful for future side quests, and is especially useful for players looking to get the game’s platinum and find all the weapons.

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