How to enter the livery editor in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 returns to the roots of the series, with a classic leveling and standings system straight out of 1998 that will no doubt confuse modern racers who are used to having everything open from the start in most modern driving games.

Not only can the tracks only be unlocked as you level up, but most of the game’s features are also required to unlock them by completing Gran Turismo 7’s Cafe menu challenges. As a result, the livery editor (one of Gran Turismo Sport’s most beloved features) is not available at the start of a new game.

How to open the livery editor in Gran Turismo 7

The Livery Editor is available in Gran Turismo 7 via GT Auto, a showroom-like building in the lower right corner of the map. However, when you start the game, GT Auto is not available yet. You need to complete the seventh menu book (yes, the seventh – you’ll have to work a bit) before GT Auto is unlocked.

  • The quickest way to do this is to not spend credits on anything for the first few books of the menu (including the tuning shop), so you can buy some of the required menu cars from the used car shop without having to race. You can also complete licenses in the License Center when it is unlocked to get additional credits.
  • If you’re playing on a PS4 (no SSD), this is especially useful, as in the early game most of your time will be spent loading menu screens and tracks. Also, if you want to get to the Livery Editor as quickly as possible, skip as many in-game dialogs/instructions as possible by pressing the Circle button when they appear. Unfortunately, if this is not fixed in one of the future updates, there is currently no other choice but to play through the early game if you want to create your look.

Old Gran Turismo Sport liveries can be imported into Gran Turismo 7. If you’re on the same PSN profile you used to play Gran Turismo Sport, they should automatically appear in the storefront and can be downloaded from the Customize Cars section in GT Auto using the “Download Livery” button.

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