How to enable Noclip using console commands in Skyrim

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, using the console, you can change the player’s statistics, change the characteristics of NPCs, teleport to locations throughout Skyrim, add items to the player’s inventory, and much more. One of the most used commands in the game is the No Clip command, which disables collision detection. This allows players to walk on almost any surface and turning it on is a snap.

Using console commands in Skyrim

The developer console can be opened by pressing either the tilde key (~) or the underscore (`) key in the upper left corner of the US English and British English keyboards, respectively. This pauses the game and brings up a transparent text field at the bottom left of the screen. A flashing white marker means the console is ready to execute a command.

There are countless console commands in Skyrim, so players have a lot to tinker with on this screen. However, be aware that many commands are case sensitive and must be typed in a certain way. Luckily, the noclip command is only three letters long, but if you plan on using other commands regularly, it’s a good habit to check for letters, spaces, and styles.

How to enable Noclip in Skyrim

To enable noclip in Skyrim, first open the development console. Type the abbreviation “tcl” (which stands for toggle no clip) and hit enter. You should see a notification that collisions have been disabled. You can turn collisions back on by typing “tcl” again. If you don’t select a target for the command, noclip will be applied to everything in the world.

To disable collisions for a specific item, NPC, or other object, open the console, then click on the intended target while the game is paused. An identifier should appear on the screen, but if you accidentally select the wrong target, try to get closer to it, as effects like fog can interfere. Then type “tcl” as usual and the target will stop colliding with the outside world. To avoid accidentally losing the target, do not click or deselect anything else. The ID will remain the same, making it much easier to re-enable collisions for this purpose.

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