How to drop a paint bucket on Victoria in Life is Strange

At the start of Life is Strange, Victoria Chase appears to be one of the main antagonists of the game. She is a typical mean girl who thinks she is the best because of her wealth. Max is one of the main objects of her ridicule.

One instance where she bullies the main character occurs in the first episode when you are trying to get inside the dorm. She and her friends sit at the entrance and do not let you pass. You can’t coax them to move, so you need to find a way to force them, and how to do that isn’t immediately clear. However, you can easily solve the puzzle by following these instructions.

How to drop a bucket of paint on Victoria

Talk to Victoria

Before you try to force Victoria and her friends out of the way, you need to talk to them. No wonder girls are not kind. Victoria makes fun of your style and advises you to find another way to the hostel. She even takes an unflattering photo of Max, intending to post it on her social media.

After the end of the conversation, wait until Samuel (the janitor) goes up the stairs next to the girls. When he does, a cut-scene will begin in which you will be shown his bucket of paint. You have to see it in order to be able to mess it up later.

Mess up the bucket

After you witness the scene with the paint bucket, rewind everything so that the bucket is on the floor and Samuel is far away from him. Then go to the bucket and click the “Open” button. Max will loosen the handle, causing the bucket to fall when Samuel hangs it up.

Boost the power of sprinklers

The bucket is ready to fall, but Victoria is not there yet. So before Samuel tries to hang him, run to his watchman’s room on the left – if you need to, you can rewind a bit to give yourself more time.

Once you’re in the small room, you can notice the sprinkler controls on the left wall. Press the “use” button to turn them on, causing Victoria and her friends to get wet.

Although they complain about the situation, it does not save them from trouble. However, at that moment, another cutscene starts, in which Samuel tries to hang the bucket, but the handle breaks. As a result, the bucket falls, splattering paint all over Victoria.

Talk to the victim covered in paint

After the paint incident, Victoria’s friends leave to get her towels. Then you can approach and talk to her. As expected, she will be less talkative than before. You can pat her on the head or comfort her. Either way, she will let you through and you can enter the dorm.

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