How to dispel the crystallized darkness of a mud well in Genshin Impact and what it does

In Genshin Impact, Crystallized Dark Mud Pit will soon become a common sight for travelers. It’s still unclear what caused this slime to appear, but it’s not surprising given that the Rift is quite different from the rest of Li Yue.

Legend has it that the Rift was formed several thousand years ago when a meteorite fell to the ground. However, as the Archon War continued, the amount of bitterness proved strong enough for the meteorite to return to its source. Where it once stood is now a gigantic hole known only as the Rift. It is likely that because of this event, the area acquired special geological conditions. These include special mushroom plantations, mushroom-like creatures, and, of course, dark mud holes.

What do the Dark Mud Piles do in Genshin Impact?

While exploring the Underground Mines in Genshin Impact, players can discover an area covered in dark purple mud. This dirt places some debuffs on party members, as well as several buffs on enemies.

Dark mud holes have the following effects:

  • Players will gradually lose energy Luminous Stone Adjuvant;
  • Players will gradually lose health while in this area
  • Strengthens monsters in the mud, making them harder to defeat
  • Affects the character’s mobility when walking in mud. Players will not be able to run in mud until their Adjuvant reaches level 9.

Among the dark mud holes, players will be able to find larger purple lumps. These are crystallized dark mud holes.

How to dispel dark mud holes

To dispel the dark mud holes in Genshin Impact, players can use the Clear Radiance ability of the Luminous Stone Adjuvant. However, since the mud holes have different levels, Travelers should make sure their Adjuvant is strong enough to dispel the dark mud holes. A level 2 gadget can dispel small dark mud holes, but some larger ones require level 6. The Dark Mud Pit Level 2 includes a purple crystal wall.

In order to level up the Adjuvant, players must collect Lightbringer Crystal and Ore, and then speak to Jin-Woo at the camp. The Luminous Crystal works similarly to the Oculus, allowing travelers to spot an item on the map if it is nearby.

The first time you dispel the dark mud holes, you will get the “Darkness Can’t Beat the Light…” achievement. This achievement grants five Source Stones.

On their journey through Teyvat, travelers will come across many Genshin Impact achievements. With the introduction of the new area, players can expect to earn a decent amount of Source Stones. There will be a lot of interesting things, both on the surface and in the Underground Mine. Players will even be able to earn massive rewards for collecting available Lightbringer Crystals. The rewards given by Jin-Woo will be somewhat comparable to the rewards given by the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma.

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