How to destroy Metal Flowers and Remove Creepers in Horizon: Forbidden West

Knowing how to get through the metal flowers in Horizon: Forbidden West will open up many new paths and possibilities for you, as these mechanical plants create vines that hinder you until you destroy them. But how do you remove those metal flowers and where do you get what it takes to break them in Horizon: Forbidden West? Players can spend a lot of time in the game without finding the tool needed to unlock them, which is why we’ve explained below how to break metal flowers in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Warning: This guide contains minor spoilers for the main story of Horizon: Forbidden West, but we’ve tried our best to keep them as small as possible.

How to get through Metal Flowers in Horizon: Forbidden West

In order to open the metal flowers in Horizon: Forbidden West, players will need the Liana Cutter, a spear modification that allows players to destroy any metal flowers that get in their way. However, this special item is locked until a certain point in the campaign, which can be reached sooner or later depending on the player’s choice.

At some point in the main story, Aloy will be tasked with finding three AIs, and while they all must be found, the order in which you search for them is up to you. The Vine Cutter can be found in a quest called Seeds of the Past, the highest level option that will take you to a wooded area. During this quest, players will gain access to a new lab where they will be given a Dissolution Code Module, a unique crafting item used exclusively to create the Vine Cutter. Take it to any nearby workbench and you can craft a spear cutter.

This item only serves to destroy metal flowers and, more importantly, vines tied to them, which usually block the path nearby. Just walk up to the flower and attack it with your spear when prompted to open it and allow you to use the vine cutter and access new areas. Metallic flowers are found all over the map, including optional areas, which means the Vine Cutter will help you find many new aspects of the Forbidden West that you might not have been able to explore before.

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