How to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy

The character you create in Tower of Fantasy is all about you. This is the one you will lead through all the battles and create over time. If you don’t like the character you’ve created, don’t force you to put up with it. Playing a character you don’t like can ruin your whole game if you really don’t like him. Here’s how to delete your old character in Tower of Fantasy.

Is it possible to delete a created character in Tower of Fantasy?

Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy currently does not have the ability to completely remove a character. For some reason, such a simple feature has not yet been implemented in the game, but we believe that it will appear at some point. However, this has not been announced at the moment.

While you can’t delete your nasty character just yet, there are ways to get around this and create a new one. Characters do not transfer between servers, so if you are not playing with a friend on this server, we recommend choosing a new server and starting over.

If you’re determined to stay on the current server but need a new character, your only option at the moment is to create a brand new account and log into the game with it. After that, you will be able to join the server you played on before and start the game completely from the beginning.

It is rather strange that Tower of Fantasy does not provide such a simple feature as the ability to remove a character from the server and from the account. I hope it will be implemented to reduce the inconvenience.

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