How to deal with enemy critical hits in Thymesia

Combat is the essence of Thymesia. Unless you roam Philosopher’s Hill, you will be constantly in danger and regularly engage in life-and-death combat. Everything wants to get you, and security is just an illusion. Luckily, most of the enemies are fairly easy to defeat.

Most – but not all. Among this rabble, there are more powerful, more elite enemies – hell, there are even mini-bosses lurking in the shadows. These enemies are no joke, and this is partly due to their access to devastating critical attacks. They cannot be underestimated.

What are critical attacks

Critical hits, for the most part, are power-up attacks that deal massive damage and sometimes cause bizarre scenes (in which you get beaten to a neat/actual death). These attacks are unblockable, hard to dodge, and without special talents, they can’t even be parried.

This makes them the second most powerful attack type in the game, behind the bosses’ Ultimate Attack. Luckily, critical attacks telegraph heavily, so you’ll always know they’re coming. This is indicated by a green glow and a noticeable sound signal. This is followed by a pause of varying length, followed by a subsequent blow.

How to reflect critical attacks

use feathers

There are several ways to deal with critical attacks, but the only one that will always be available to you is to throw feathers. If you drop the feather right before a critical attack, you will stun and knock back the attacking enemy, leaving them open to attack.

Times are very tough, but not so tough that you feel unfair. The catch is that each enemy capable of inflicting a Critical Attack acts differently. So knowing when to quit is much more important than actually quitting.

Not only that, the payoff from using feathers can be quite substantial, making it difficult to land an effective follow-up strike. If you don’t act quickly, you can simply reset the field and not get the benefit.

Use your talents

Thymesia has a plethora of unlockable talents, and most of them are great. Hidden in the Dodge Tree is the ability to unlock a new type of counter to critical attacks. This move requires you to dodge the enemy just as the attack is about to be thrown.

This will force your character to cancel the attack and take to the air, allowing for devastating aerial counterattacks. However, this movement has some drawbacks. First, just like with Feathers, if you get the timing wrong, you’ll get hit hard. This is not ideal, so you will have to study and memorize the patterns and strokes of each opponent.

Not only that, but the timing in this stance is tighter than in Feathers. This makes it a little more difficult to execute, but the recoil from it is much higher due to the instantaneous damage potential of the air attack.

Finally, these air attacks can be upgraded with talents, making them much more powerful. If you master this move, you can deal massive damage to enemies and bosses who dare to attempt a sneaky critical hit. Not to mention, the aerial claw attack knocks many enemies off their feet instead of knocking them out of the way. This leaves them open to devastating combos.

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