How to deactivate energy shields in Tower of Fantasy

As you progress through Tower of Fantasy, you will encounter many mysteries. While some of these puzzles may be simple, others may take some time to solve. There are many hidden things in the game that you need to explore in order to discover. Energy shields are one of those puzzles that can take time to solve. To deactivate these barriers, you will have to look everywhere to unravel their secret codes.

What are energy shields?

As you progress through the Tower of Fantasy area, you will run into these transparent barriers, which usually block access to a small building with supplies. These are energy shields. These barriers can spawn in other places as well, but they mostly spawn in vaults.

These barriers are used both in the story and in the open world for loot and research points. When you come across one of these barriers, you will see that it has a number pad on the front that requires a four-digit code to unlock.

How to deactivate energy shields

If you wish to deactivate one of these barriers, you must first obtain a code. The code for some of these barriers can be hard to find because it’s locked behind four robots. Check your surroundings for scraper robots similar to the ones you’ll find at the top of the Omnium towers.

Each of these robots will give you one digit of the code. There are also blank spaces in the code to show you where the digit is in the code. Once you have found all four robots, return to the barrier and enter the code to turn it off for a moment and take the treasure in the building.

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